Contrary to what many experts say, I believe that brunch is the most important meal of the day. It is the perfect time of day (it doesn't require you to get up before 10AM), and it's a perfect excuse to order over-the-top foods in place of a usual bowl of cereal or fruit. If you're ever stuck on what to order, here's a list of foods you should order at brunch, depending on your major! 

Math: Bagel

doughnut, bagel
Ellery Simpson

There's a special way to cut a bagel to make it represent a mathematical phenomenon known as the Mobius strip. Basically, a Mobius strip is a surface that only has one side (think of a strip of paper twisted and then joined at the ends) but has a bunch of weird and cool geometric and topological properties! It might take a little bit of patience and some series knife skills, but you can cut a bagel to look like the Mobius strip, making it a must-order at brunch! 

Business: Coffee

cappuccino, milk, espresso, coffee
Kelsey Emery

Business majors know that it is all about networking, networking, and more networking. What's the best way to network? Over a cup of coffee of course! Business majors should order coffee at brunch, because it'll keep them alert and awake and ready to make connections and presentations.

Architecture: Pancakes

candy, cake, bread, pastry, chocolate, dairy product, cookie, pancake, butter, sweet
Allie Fenwick

Architecture majors always have to be conscious about making sure their designs won't fall or sink because of the weight of materials. So, the best way for architecture majors to get some practice is by building stacks of pancakes and using materials in between each layer (like Nutella or peanut butter) so that each layer is structurally sound and the "building" doesn't fall. Go ahead, architecture majors, order a giant building of pancakes! This is one structure that will be delicious and fun even if it DOES fall. 

Computer Science: Cereal

cereal, tortilla chips, chips, salt, sweet, cornflakes, corn
Aakanksha Joshi

If a you're a Computer Scientist at brunch, chances are, you're thinking about the code you have to debug after breakfast. Maybe you should order a quick bowl of cereal so that you can still spend some time with your friends, but get back to that program that won't compile! Or, if you're feeling like a fancy brunch but can't leave your laptop (I've been there before), try making this quick apple cider oatmeal that'll make you feel like you're at brunch even when you're at your desk. 

Marketing: Avocado Toast

herb, guacamole, cheese, avocado, vegetable
Honorata (Nora) McIntyre

Marketing majors are always on the hunt for what's cool and trendy in the world today, so as to better appeal to their clients and customers. Avocado toast is one brunch food that is popping up everywhere these days, so it makes sense that a marketing major order this at brunch, so they can stay up-to-date too. But, marketing majors are anything but plain (like avocado toast can be after a few brunches), so to keep it *fresh*, try these variations on avocado toast

Chemistry: Eggs Benedict

muffin, english muffin, bacon, fried egg, spinach, egg
Sydney te Wildt

Eggs Benedict are BY FAR my favorite brunch food (does that mean I should switch to chem?!). What makes eggs benedict so amazing is the creamy, rich, poached egg on top. The secret to a perfect poached egg is putting some vinegar in boiling water, and dropping an egg in. The vinegar increases the acidity of the boiling liquid, which (through some complicated chemistry process) helps the egg white set and make a perfect poached egg. If you're a chemistry major, reward yourself with a delicious Eggs Benedict at brunch, and revel about the fact that you knew what made that egg poach so well. 

Fine Arts: Berry French Toast

cake, pancake, pastry, blueberry, strawberry, berry, sweet
Kathleen Lee

Drawing, photography, painting, and other fine arts majors always have to keep an eye out for what is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. No brunch food is more aesthetically pleasing than one with different colors and textures--like a stack of french toast with different vibrant berries! This stack of french toast is definitely visually appealing to all fine arts and non-fine arts majors alike, and will be a great subject for a great painting or drawing after brunch!