We all try to make ourselves look more beautiful by applying certain makeup, or using certain hair tools, or whatever other crazy things we can do. The products that are out there and treatments that some people do are just downright absurd (a vampire facial, anyone?).

In today’s society, beauty is something that everyone strives for, and most people will do almost anything to make themselves “more” beautiful. Well people, I’m here to tell you to embrace your natural beauty in a natural way – through food. What’s more natural than eating?

Below are a list of foods, according to body part, that could enhance our natural features due to their abundance of good-for-you nutrients. Go ahead, eat up, then stare in the mirror and tell yourself you look pretty.

Whiter Teeth: Cranberries

want better skin

Photo by Grant Sorbo

Yes, you heard me, cranberries. But I’m not talking about the ones you put in your salad (full of sugar!) or that sauce you put on your turkey at Thanksgiving. Whole cranberries, fresh or frozen, contain a certain compound that prevents bacteria and plaque from sticking to teeth. Show off those pearly whites, people.

Clear Pores: Pomegranate Seeds

want better skin

Photo by Divya Prabhakar

It’s the antioxidants. I know, I know, you’ve heard that word thousands of times, but antioxidants really are good for you overall. They help blood flow, which helps cell turnover, which helps keep your pores squeaky-clean. Sprinkle some in this apple cider and pomegranate sangria.

Dark Circles: Yogurt

want better skin

Photo by Krysten Dorfman

Although yogurt masks are apparently a thing, I’m not telling you to smother your breakfast on your face – I’m telling you to eat it, like, well, normal people do. The amino acids present in yogurt help relieve those dark under-eye circles (but still not as much as good shut-eye).

Dry Scalp: Salmon

want better skin

Photo by Yonatan Soler

You know those huge, yellow fishy-smelling omega-3 pills? I have good news for you – you don’t have to take them. Instead, eat some salmon, which is rich in omega-3s and helps keep your scalp from getting dry and flaky (and the rest of your skin too!).

Aging Skin: Blueberries

want better skin

Photo by Kristine Mahan

Don’t want to get Botox when you’re 50? Eat blueberries. The antioxidants (there’s that word again!) in these little blue bad boys combat free radicals in your body, preventing against prematurely aging skin and prompting collagen production to keep your skin supple-looking.

Strong Nails: Chicken

want better skin

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Lean meats and poultry contain all the essential amino acids your body needs. Since nails are made up of different proteins, eating some protein will only help keep your fingertips strong. What are you waiting for? Make this chicken quinoa fried rice.

Glowy Skin: Apricots

want better skin

Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Fresh or dried, apricots are delicious. Oh, and they contain a good source of iron, which helps your skin glow. To look as radiant as JLo? Pass the apricots, please.

Fresh Breath: Parsley

want better skin

Photo by Emma Danbury

Remember science class, when you learned about photosynthesis and chlorophyll and all that plant jazz? Well, turns out that chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer (like Secret for your mouth) and can help fight bad breath. So forget that stick of gum, eat this pasta with parsley instead.

Good Everything: Water

Photo by Carolyn LiuI’m sure you’ve heard this enough, but that’s because it’s pretty darn important. Drinking lots of water (approximately 8 cups a day) helps with digestion, skin, eyes, nails, hair, teeth… you get the gist. Drink up, you won’t regret it #noragrets.