This week is the 7th week of Season 21 of ABC's hit show, The Bachelor. 7 weeks into the season and the competition is heating TF up. Emotions are seriously running high. Nick Viall questioned himself and the process last week and ended up sending home half of the girls. Im a brand new member of Bachelor Nation and I'm obsessed. I have to admit, the ridiculous drama on the show is what keeps me tuning in. Obviously, snacks are essential to Bachelor Mondays. Your favorite contestant can make your snack decision a whole lot easier. Here's what you should be snacking on during the Bachelor based on your favorite contestant: 

1. Corrine

Corrine knows how to get what she wants. Even though she may not seem strategic, she definitely is. If you love her spicy sex appeal, the fact that she always comes out on top, and her unexpected antics, you should definitely be munching on flamin' hot Cheetos. You don't think they'll be that hot and then after a couple, your mouth is on fire. Corrine is my personal favorite #sorrynotsorry 

2. Danielle M.

Honestly, there's not much to say about Danielle M., she's pretty and kinda boring. If she's your favorite for some reason, you should be snacking on plain old popcorn. Classic and simple.

3. Raven

Raven is the sweetest. She's the equivalent to a home-cooked meal and that's a fact. If she's your favorite you should bake some homemade chocolate chip cookies to enjoy while watching this week's episode.

4. Kristina

On last week's episode, Kristina opened up to Nick about her childhood and really showed him that there's more to her than meets the eye. She surprised him and left Nick and all of Bachelor Nation wanting more. If she's your favorite, you should be indulging in your favorite ice-cream. There are endless flavors of ice-cream to be discovered just like there are endless things to learn about Kristina. You'll always want more even if you've already had 3 bowls of it just like Nick can't get enough of Kristina.

5. Rachel

You wouldn't think that Rachel would be as fun as she is since she's a lawyer, but she sure does know how to have a good time. She got the first impression rose and continues to have an instant connection with Nick. If she's your favorite you should be snacking on Nutella and strawberries. Everyone has an instant connection with Nutella. The mix of strawberries' juicy sweetness and Nutella's creamy goodness results in a party in your mouth.

6. Vanessa

I feel like Vanessa is the crowd favorite. She's reliable, stable, and hasn't been a part of any major drama on the show. If she's your favorite then you should be snacking on chips and guac. It's dependable and everyone loves it. Storebought is always great, but making your own is always better.