Going out on karaoke night with your friends can be one of the most exciting nights, but also one of the most nerve-racking. Most everyone loves to sing in their cars or in the shower, but not everyone feels comfortable when they are holding the microphone. Singing in front of crowds of people, even in if those people are just chilling in the bar, is often considered stressful. But the single most frightening parts of the night? Choosing what to sing at karaoke!

Your favorite playlist may not be the vibe of your party or bar, so how do you choose? What you munch on at the end of the night might be much more revealing than you think. Whether you are singing along to a track in front of a huge crowd or just your best friends, here are some song selections, based on what your favorite food is after a night out.


french fries, salt, potato, ketchup, fries
Amelia Hitchens

These crunchy-exterior, fluffy-interior, salty snacks are great as a meal of their own, but even better when they accompany a main dish. In both cases and no matter the restaurant, French fries are made for sharing. If for some reason you yourself are not ordering fries, you are bound to steal a view from those around you! Just as fries are made to share, duets are made for sharing the spotlight! If your favorite late-night food is fries, you and your besties were made to dominate the karaoke stage together.

Song Suggestion: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John


Pizza arguably is the most classic late-night food. Yet, in its many forms, we are never tired of this always trending food. Your best bet for karaoke night is the same—a classic artist and a popular song that is currently at the top of the charts!

Song Selection: God’s Plan by Drake


burrito, bread, sandwich, chicken, cheese
Hannah Bernier

Burritos have wildly flavorful ingredients all mixed up on the inside and neatly wrapped. This easily customizable, late-night meal is made for the crazy partiers who need fuel to continue on into the early hours of the morning. Your karaoke song should reflect just how you like to get the party started and shut the place down.

Song Selection: I Like It by Cardi B

Grilled Cheese

toast, bread, sweet, butter, grilled cheese sandwich, cake, honey, pastry, jam
Christin Urso

The warm toasted bread and gooey American cheese singles of a grilled cheese sandwich are so simple, but so delicious. Your late-night personality does not demand much to be satisfied. This feel-good feeling calls for a karaoke jam that lends warm smiles to everyone in the room.

Song Selection: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Wave

Chicken Nuggets

Ah, chicken nuggets. These little crispy and tender delights can bring us right back to our childhood, when you were more carefree and Disney Chanel was your go-to entertainment. If this nostalgic snack is your favorite late night food, you should be throwing back your karaoke night to the 2000s.

Song Selection: Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers 


Cara Newcomer

I am a firm believer that breakfast is great at any time of day. Whether it be a light parfait or bagel for brunch, hearty eggs and potatoes for dinner, or a late-night bowl of cereal—breakfast is beautifully transformable. Just as this meal works for every occasion, so should your karaoke jam!

Song Suggestion: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey