You told yourself you wouldn't do this again. You know what I mean, procrastinating for so long that now you're pulling an all-nighter in the library and you're starving

What is open at 2 am that can actually satisfy your cravings and maybe even bump up your morale? Two words: Jimmy John's. 

So, if your stomach is growling, your head is aching and you need a pick-me-up, here's 10 of the best picks from Jimmy John's that'll make your all-nighter a little more bearable.

1. For the picky eater: Slim 1

You say you're a picky eater, huh? No worries. Slim #1 is perfect for you. Nothing more than some ham and provolone cheese sandwiched between fresh French Bread.

2. For the cheese lover: Slim 6

What's better than cheese? Oh, that's right, double cheese. Jimmy John's offers a sandwich that makes it okay to eat the ultimate comfort foods together. Bread and cheese is all you're gonna find on Slim 6. 

3. For the average Joe: Turkey Tom

You can never go wrong with something as classic as a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo. If you're feelin' extra fancy, you can (and should) add cheese.

4. For the Italian fanatic: Vito

If you love Italian food, the Vito is for you. This classic Italian sub has all the works: salami, capicola, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and Italian vinaigrette.

5. For the meat-free eater: Vegetarian

You don't have to love meat to love Jimmy John's. The Vegetarian will give you all the veggies and more with provolone cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, mayo and avocado spread

6. For the one with a big appetite: Hunter's Club

A big appetite is no match for the Hunter's Club. With a 1/4 lb. of sliced roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo, you'll gain the energy needed to conquer any assignment... even if it's past midnight.

7. For the one on an avocado kick: Beach Club

A little avocado never killed nobody. Feel like you're soaking in some sunny, California rays while you're munching on this sandwich loaded with turkey, avocado spread, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and mayo.

8. For the seafood lover: Club Tuna

Feelin' fishy? Take a shot at this sandwich with tuna, provolone cheese, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and mayo. You're bound to get an A+ when your stomach is filled with something this good.

9. For the one who dreams about bacon: Ultimate Porker

If your meat of choice comes from a pig, then the Ultimate Porker was made for you. Seriously. With both ham and bacon, this sandwich has the 10 little piggies sprinting all the way home. You'll also find lettuce, tomato and mayo between all the pig.

10. For the snack food junkie: Chips + Cookie

Okay, you caught me. Chips and a cookie are not sandwiches, but you should totally order them from Jimmy John's. As for chips, there are Regular, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeño and Thinny Jimmy Chips. And for cookies, you got Raisin Oatmeal or Chocolate Chunk.

Just when you thought your hunger would get the best of you, Jimmy John's has saved the day. Despite how picky you are, how much meat you like or if you have a sweet tooth, Jimmy John's has an option on their menu for you. Even if your work feels freaky long, Jimmy John's will be freaky fast with their delivery.