Having to wake up for lectures and classes is annoying. Setting an alarm clock and getting awoken from your deep, much-needed slumber by that shrill, ear-piercing squawk is no fun at all. I’m sure you know the feeling when some days you just want to grab that clock and throw it at the wall. And we know the only reason you don’t is because your alarm clock also happens to be your phone. 

So how about some alternatives?

What if instead of sharp, sudden auditory death in the morning you wake up to a scent that makes you actually want to get out of bed? Imagine waking up to the smell of bacon. Would that not immediately set the tone for a great day?

That is exactly what Oscar Meyer has created an app and device to revolutionize the way humanity greets the day every morning. They invented a bacon alarm clock. It's a shame that they don't have any other scents which I think would be a great way to get you into the right mood for the morning. But if anyone is looking to invest in a scented candle or artificial perfume, here are five smells I highly recommended. 

1. Chili and Chocolate

Strange combination, I know. Both of the components have been documented as aphrodisiacs when ingested. Chilis promote the release of endorphins while chocolate is linked to the production of serotonin, making you feel good.

While olfactory stimulation is not the same as ingestion, the brain could perhaps be fooled in the twilight zone of sleep. This scent would wake you up as gently as a mug of chili hot chocolate hugging your belly. 

2. Vanilla Ice Cream

Remember when the ice cream truck would play its song as it drove through the neighborhood? And you would have to beg your parents for a bit of change for your well-deserved ice cream? The scent of vanilla will bring you out of your slumber gently, with the feeling of anticipation for a brand a new day, just like you longed for that vanilla ice cream as a kid.

3. Cinnamon Apple Pie

Who doesn't love cinnamon and apple wrapped in a gorgeous pastry, fresh from grandma's oven? It's a combo that invokes a feeling of gatherings and reunions. Imagine waking up to the sweet hint of cinnamon to celebrate the fast approaching reunion with your books and laptop as you embark on a new day of studying #collegestudent.

Now, every morning will be a joyous occasion. Say goodbye to the unhappy and tearful separation from the gorgeous pillows your lying on.

4. Fresh Brioche

Ever walked into the bakery in the morning to be greeted by a whiff of fresh bakery air? This smell will basically send you on a five second trip to heaven if you ask me. With this smell, you’re bound to feel hungry as your stomach prepares for the bakery stop you'll take on your route to school. Nothing will have gotten you out of the door this quick.

5. Coffee

I’m sure this one is pretty much self-explanatory. We all need a hot cuppa coffee to get us up (if you don't that's pure magic). Instead of waiting for the coffee to brew, you can now harvest the olfactory benefits of it by having the scent to wake you up. No pre-coffee grumpiness. Get your game face on the moment you wake up.

Now, before you fire off an email with other weird but wonderful suggestions to Oscar Meyer, take heed of what science has said! Some researchers argue that, sadly, smells do very little to wake a person up. They say not even peppermint can do anything against the lull of the sandman! Guess they haven’t tried the wonderful South East Asian fruit durian yet. That one is sure to get you moving.