The debate over the best burger may never end but we have to give it to Shake Shack for their creativity. Specialty items and unique creations are part of the reason why the eatery has spread across the U.S. in rapid speed. Their specialty items are what people have come to expect out of their differing locations, but they tend to keep them under wraps to maintain the excitement. Here is what to order at Shake Shack if you love their specialty items. 

1. Breakfast Sandwiches: Select Travel Stations

You can only start your day off the Shake Shack way in Grand Central Station, JFK, Penn Station, Union Station, and Dubai International Airport so book your tickets now. 

2. Cookie Butter and Chocolate Toffee Concrete: Christiana, Delaware

Delaware may not be the first place to come to mind for specialty items, but this concrete combines the best of the best mix-ins. If there is one reason to come to Delaware, this is it. 

3. Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Sauce with Chocolate Chunks Concrete: Dupont Circle, D.C.

All problems would be solved by the ingredients in the Presidential Sweet Concrete, so fingers crossed Shake Shack caters the next congress meeting. 

4. Peanut Butter Bacon Burger: Anywhere You're Willing to Ask

This combination has gone from a one-time secret menu item to a nationwide option. It is not listed on the menus but we heavily encourage ordering it anywhere anyway.

5. Coffee Beans, Marshmallow, and Crumb Donut Concrete: Hollywood, CA

If only every location had this coffee and donut combination found in the Sunset Grind Concrete; we wouldn't need a breakfast menu anymore. This treat gets even better because it combines speciality items with small business promotion. 

6. Shack-Cago Burger: Anywhere with a little Creativity

Each Shake Shack location offers a Chicago style hotdog, but the key is to take the given toppings off the hotdog and put them on top of your burger. This secret menu item is hard to hide. 

7. Soft Pretzels and Salted Caramel Sauce Concrete: Center City, PA

Philly is known for their soft pretzels so it is only fitting that the Center City Pretzel concrete combine sweet and salty while maintaining the city's identity. 

8. Brown Sugar Biscuit and Early Gray Fudge Concrete: The UK

Replace tea time while still getting your earl gray fix with the London fog. One of the best parts of the concrete is the soft -and-crunchy combination, and this concrete nails that. 

9. Matcha and Marshmallows Concrete: Tokyo, Japan

The Matcha Forum Blend is simple but gives people what they want. The bright color is ideal for an Instagram, if you can wait even longer to eat it.

10. Strawberry on Strawberry Concrete: Plano, TX

Everyone's heard of a Georgia peach but you can't forget about Texas. If you find yourself in the lone star state, The West Slide's strawberry cupcake and puree is special to this location. 

11. Baklava Concrete: Muscat, Oman

When you consider what to order at Shake Shack, Baklava may not be the first thing to come to mind. The Baklava Blend concrete brings the traditional treat to the spotlight in a creative way, showing the consideration Shake Shack puts into these different specialty items.