The Queen of England is one BAMF. She served as a mechanic in WWII, gracefully survived an assassination attempt, and participates in target practice. She's well known for her great sense of humor and spreading joy everywhere she goes. At 90 years young, she's logged 65 years on the throne as the longest serving monarch in British history. So how has she managed to survive (let alone thrive) all these years?

It's All About the Bubbly

Tarika Narain

Seeing as the Queen is one of the classiest ladies in history, it's only fitting that she claims she's accustomed to drinking a flute of Champagne every night before bed. Has she found the key to lifelong health and happiness? Or is the flute a health fluke? I'm not saying Champagne is the secret to her success, but here's what science says. 

It Improves Your Memory

As the Queen of England, I can only imagine what this woman is in charge of remembering. Names, laws, places—and at her age, most people may have problems remembering their own family. But not this the Queen. Could it all be due to her nightly drink? It's possible, especially considering researchers have found that drinking Champagne regularly can prevent dementia and Alzheimer's. 

It's Heart Healthy


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You've probably heard that drinking a glass of red wine every day can be good for your heart. Champagne, which is also made from red grapes, can be equally beneficial. One study found that drinking Champagne every day can improve your blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease. Maybe this is what helped the Queen bounce back after a health scare in January. 

It's Good For Your Skin

This benefit only comes when the drink is applied directly to your face. Like you haven't had alcohol dripping down your chin at one point in your life? It happens to all of us, even the Queen of England (probably). Or maybe she's been secretly pouring a separate glass for her face this entire time. This would explain her amazing complexion, as dermatologists claim Champagne is a cure-all for blemishes and an amazing toner. 

It Has Fewer Calories Than Wine

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Tarika Narain

If you're wondering how the Queen manages to drink so much yet look so good, here's your answer. Champagne tends to be slightly less caloric than red wine, according to The Telegraph. It only clocks in at around 30 calories less a bottle of wine, but when you're drinking one glass per night, that savings is sure to add up.

It Gets You Drunk Faster

This one is still up for debate in the scientific community, but one study did show that consuming bubbly raised the BAC of adults faster when compared to flat alcohol. It's been said that Champagne will go right to your head, making you feel drunk faster even when consuming less alcohol. After serving her country for 65 years, if there's anyone who deserves to get a little buzz going each night, it's the Queen. 

So is Champagne the secret to the Queen's health and happiness after all these years? There's definitely a case to be made, considering her immaculate mental and physical health at her age. Plus, I don't know how you could go to bed unhappy on any night that ended with a glass of bubbly. 

The good news for all of us commoners is that these benefits have been shown in both expensive Champagne and in cheaper alternatives like prosecco. As a self-proclaimed prosecco addict myself, the notion that a flute a day could keep the doctor away is pretty exciting. It might just be time to start enjoying my brunch bellini as part of my nightly ritual.