Summer is the perfect time to grab a cold drink to cool off in the heat, but it's also movie season. With countless big movies coming out this summer, many that are sequels or prequels, it's hard to decide which to see first. There's romantic comedy, plain hilarious comedy, drama, horror, action, and many more genres to choose from, but there is an even more diverse selection available at Starbucks. Whatever your order is, I think it might be a stepping stone to deciding which summer movies to grab tickets to as you spend more than a few rainy days chowing down on delicious, buttery popcorn.

Rainbow Drinks: "Avengers: Infinity War"

The infinity stones ain't' slick. The summer movie season officially kicked off with the release of the highly-anticipated "Avengers: Infinity War" movie. While the movie portrayed a bold storyline, an exciting crossover of characters, and a big cliffhanger, it was also visually stunning. The pink, blue, purple, orange, and green drinks are vibrant and fruity liquids that are surprisingly milky. Whether this is the typical drink for MCU fans or not, these drinks are definitely the infinity stones and do you really want to miss out on the opportunity to rule the cosmos?

Espresso Shot: "Ant-man and the Wasp"

If you're into a lot of action in a small package, then "Ant-Man and the Wasp" is just for you. The July movie is a Marvel Universe flick with a quirky edge, but what else did you expect from a movie starring Paul Rudd? Get ready to throw back a shot of espresso and gear up for the superhero world's new (tiny) duo. 

Honey Sweetener: "Christopher Robin"

Just as the thought of "Christopher Robin" coming back in 2018  comforts us, so does a sweet honey sweetener in your tea. Not only because Winnie the Pooh was obsessed with honey, but because he made us appreciate it for all of its' sticky, sugary sweetness. This should be the #1 movie on your list this summer if you find yourself substituting classic syrup in favor of Pooh's fave. 

Caramel Macchiato: "Crazy Rich Asians"

This should be on your must-watch and must-read list this summer. Whether its a hot macchiato in the winter or an iced one in the summer, this boujie coffee is a sure sign that you will love the eccentrics of "Crazy Rich Asians." The silky cream and dense caramel flavors of this drink will highlight the pure luxury and colorful nature of this romantic comedy.

Cold Brew: "Incredibles 2"

Picture this: It's 2004, you're 7 years old, and sitting at home in your bean bag chair waiting to see the "Incredibles." You have no idea who Frozone or Bob Parr are yet. 

Flash forward: It's 2018, and you're finishing college, and you live off of Chick-Fil-A and cold brew coffee. You had no idea it would take 14 years for a sequel. You're seeing it this weekend before the spoilers get to you. Life is good. 

Sous Vide Egg Bites: "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom"

DINOSAUR EGGS! Oh, no. Sous Vide eggs, sorry. The cafe food at Starbucks is greatly under-appreciated, but not by you. No, you see these bite-sized, portable breakfast rounds for what they are. Plus, anything with bacon is immediately promoted to Chris Pratt level yumminess. And that is why you should pop your sous vide eggs bites in your mouth and head straight to the ticket counter for a front row to 124 minutes of shrieking action and Chris Pratt's smoldering good looks. 

Teavana: "Mama Mia 2"

We can't all trade our days for a summer in the Greek Isles, but we can grab a Venti Teavana from Starbucks and pretend we did. Another sequel hitting the theaters this summer is the sparkling waters and vivacious cast of "Mama Mia: Here We Go Again." The fruity and cheerful brand of Teavana teas is just what you would grab if you have been busy singing "Dancing Queen" for the past decade (or longer). 

Protein Box: "Ocean's 8"

Comedian John Mulaney once joked about how there could never be an "Oceans" movie with women. The joke has a foundation in the concept that women are too passive aggressive to work together... It wasn't well received and has aged phenomenally in the past six years, especially since "Oceans 8" is out now. The women in the movie are a girl squad you do not want to cross. To the women and men that live outside of the comedic world of playing off of gender roles, and power through their days with protein boxes, this summer is for you. These protein boxes are packed full of fruits, nutrients, and energizing protein—the perfect snack to keep you up for the action of any "Oceans" movie. 

A Frappuccino (Preferably With A Lightsaber Straw): "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

Frappuccinos are a frothy beverage treat for all the ages. Just as Frappuccinos are different and whimsical with every flavor, the "Star Wars" fandom is ready to welcome you into its rebel forces at any time. You don't want to be flying solo in the classroom or the workplace as the only one who hasn't seen the latest Han Solo "Star Wars" prequel. 

One of the greatest benefits available with Frappuccinos are that some of the flavors, like vanilla bean, are caffeine-free and can satisfy the tiniest of rebels as you go through the Starbucks line this summer. 

Regular Black Coffee: "Slender Man"

Ordering a regular black coffee is quite the opposite compared to drinks like the pink drink or a caramel macchiato (extra drizzle). The strongly caffeinated and plain brew is perfect for the strong-willed individual interested in scary movies. The summer movies are abundant in action and comedy, but the "Slender Man" movie is not for the faint of heart. Just from the preview of the supernatural horror character, it seems clear that all the black coffee drinkers should screen it first before telling the rest of us if we can handle it.