When you think of Starbucks, you think “coffee,” right? But wait, let’s not forget about all the delicious food that Starbucks offers. Aside from pastries, Starbucks has a menu packed full of oatmeal, sandwiches and even protein bistro boxes. Unfortunately, like most restaurants, a chunk of Starbucks’s food goes to waste each day.

Recently, Starbucks has decided to take some initiative to fight against wasteful tendencies by partnering up with Feeding America and the Food Donation Connection.


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Feeding America is an American born non-profit organization that helps feed over 46 million people through its 200 food banks. Starbucks has chosen to donate 100% of their unused food to Feeding America. In five short years, the 7,600 Starbucks stores in the US will be providing 50 million meals through their unused items.

Starbucks has partnered with the Food Donation Connection since 2010, but with the addition of Feeding America, Starbucks decided to call their new program FoodShare. Every day, refrigerated vans will transport the excess food from Starbucks to Feeding America, therefore making FoodShare a success.


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Starbucks experimented with numerous food tests to ensure that their products would remain enjoyable and safe to consume, even after miles of travel through intense heat. Those receiving the donated food will see the Starbucks label on all items requiring refrigeration. A spokeswoman for Starbucks commented that “our internal testing gave us the confidence to [keep the Starbucks label visible to all consumers.]”

Starbucks believes that with their bold move to combat hunger, other major franchises will join the fight, too. When a powerhouse corporation such as Starbucks starts making strides to thwart hunger, we are certainly optimistic for a bright and less-hungry future ahead. Big name companies and executives aren’t the only ones who can make a change — you can, too (even as an “I’m living by meal points” college student). Let Starbucks inspire you.


Photo courtesy of Starbucks on Facebook

Way to go, Starbucks. We’re impressed. Let’s all reach and surpass the goal of 50 million meals together!