Healthy food trends come and go, especially when it comes to protein bars. RX bars are the latest craze among health gurus, namely because of their concise ingredient list and high protein content. No, these aren’t a ruse like Regina George’s Kalteen bars in Mean Girls though it may seem unlikely that such few ingredients can actually produce an enjoyable and healthy snack.

RX bars are the ideal post-workout snack, especially after a grueling, hour-long spin class. But what does your favorite RX bar flavor say about how you would instruct a spin class? Continue reading to find out.

Mixed Berry 

“Sweat is just your fat crying! Increase that resistance!” If mixed berry is your favorite flavor, you’re constantly yelling out fitness clichés to motivate your spinners. Though the screaming might get annoying at times (especially when there’s feedback from the mic), you never fail to play great music. Your spinners always look forward to the final song, “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis, which always gets the people going. No matter what, there’s always a great energy in your spin class.

Coconut Chocolate

Chunks of dark chocolate and almond create a protein bar that is essentially a healthy Almond Joy. Therefore, you probably conduct a pretty good spin class if this is your favorite flavor. You blast the pop hits that everyone wants to hear and strike a good balance between long hills and sprints. While you may not be the type to yell at the top of your lungs to motivate your spinners, your kind demeanor is infectious, keeping people coming back to your class every week.

Pumpkin Spice

These flavors may be limited edition, but you’re definitely everyone’s least favorite spin instructor if you’re carrying a pumpkin spice flavored RX bar in your gym bag. While your peppy, enthusiastic aura inspires your spinners, a pumpkin spice lover is definitely the type to play holiday music for the entire hour. No offense, but no one wants to listen to “Jingle Bell Rock” while they’re climbing hills on a stationary bike.

Maple Sea Salt

Maple sea salt is one of my personal favorites; the crunchy flakes of sea salt and chunks of pecan offset the intense sweetness from the maple flavor. Similarly, you do not go easy on your spinners, even though you seem unassuming at first. If maple sea salt is your favorite flavor, you start off the class with a seemingly easy climb, and then you kick up the intensity for the rest of the class. I’m talking plenty of jumps and sprints, all set to classic 80’s pop tunes.

Peanut Butter

It doesn’t get much more classic than peanut butter. Just like this RX bar, you appeal to the older generation of spinners by exclusively playing classic rock tunes. Think Steppenwolf, Bruce Springstein, and Led Zeppelin (after all, “Stairway to Heaven” is a great climb song). Just because this is a more old-school style class doesn’t mean there’s any less sweat — you keep your spinners’ heart rates up by going out of the saddle every time there’s an opportune guitar solo.