A few weeks ago, we compared your Myers-Briggs personality types to chain restaurants. If you’re an Myers Briggs junkie yourself, you might be surprised to find out how much you had in common with a particular restaurant. You’d also be surprised — and amused —  to know that you have more in common with pasta than you might think.

But just to reiterate, the four letters of your MB mean a lot. If you’re an I, you’re pretty introverted. If you happen to be an E, you’re likely an extrovert. Introverts might prefer a pasta that contains most of its flavor on the inside, and extroverts might love their pasta to have saucy company.

The remaining letters matter just as much, and Ns are pretty intuitive, while Ss gather info through their senses. If you’re an N, solving problems as complicated as a plate of spaghetti is a no-brainer. But worry not if you’re an S because simple pasta dishes are just as yummy.

Our Ts might enjoy pasta because the easy preparation seems logical, and Fs will eat this plate of carbs to satisfy all dem feels. Js probably prefer a pasta that cooks quickly, but Ps are okay experimenting with possibilities (AKA zoodles).

Now that we’ve defined these letters, see which pasta resonates with you:

ISTJ — Fettuccine Alfredo


Photo courtesy of @_marcelacuevas_ on Instagram

It’s likely that you’ll fall asleep if you have to deal with billions of nonsense ideas. The best way to make sure you stay alert enough to put your mind to anything that comes your way is to make sure you make simple choices. Fettuccine is simple, like your personality, and so is the white Alfredo sauce it goes best with.

ISTP — Shrimp Scampi


Photo courtesy of @dockside.usa on Instagram

You probably don’t understand why you like certain things, and that’s probably because you aren’t fully aware of your feelings. You are, however, aware that you like things to have sparks of energy, even simple things. The sizzlin’ and searing of shrimp and garlic on a pan sparks just like your natural energy.

#SpoonTip: Try this healthier shrimp scampi with zucchini linguine for dinner tonight – it only takes 20 minutes.

ISFJ — Lasagna  


Photo courtesy of @bestofvegan on Instagram

If you know you’ve got lots of hungry people to care for and feed, you’ll love spending a few hours alone in your calm kitchen to bake lasagna. The best part about these meaty, cheesy layers of noodles is that they’ll provide comfort for lots of tummies — as you provide comfort to others. After all, you spend a lot of time helping others, so you might as well help yourself.

#SpoonTip: Got major sweet tooth? Give this Nutella S’mores Lasagna a whir. 

ISFP — Creamy Tomato Tortellini


Photo courtesy of @harmonysurfer on Instagram

Tortellini, smothered in a light pinkish-red sauce will please the hearts of many, just like you. This creamy tomato dish will provide to your friends’ souls because it will taste good, smell good, and look good. Everyone’s senses will be pleased, and you’ll have a fun time expressing yourself by preparing such a yummy bowl of pasta.

INTJ — Any variation of Rotini 


Photo courtesy of @plantfullofhappiness on Instagram

Rotini have a systematic spiral, the same way your ideas and thoughts do. This swirly, delicious noodle works well for most pasta dishes, simply because it holds on to so many sauces.

While your need to make millions of ideas work prevents you from seeming warm to others, you do have high expectations for your relationships. These expectations almost always correlate with trust, and you can always trust rotini come dinner time for a delicious meal

INTP — Spinach Ravioli


Photo courtesy of @lcaseley on Instagram

You don’t need to go out to have a good time. All you need is the party in your head to have a good time. In order to make sure you don’t have to face the annoyance of the outside social world, it is likely that you often stand alone and wear a simple wardrobe. Spinach ravioli is pretty much just like you because each piece of pasta stands alone and it requires little sauce to taste good (because all the fun and flavor is on the inside).

#SpoonTip: Not a spinach person? This pumpkin ravioli will be pretty dank this fall. 

INFP — Pesto Pasta


Photo courtesy of @myrrhasalsa on Instagram

Not everyone gets green pasta, and many people never will; not everyone gets you, and some people never will. Don’t fret, though – it’s okay because many people do understand. Better yet, those who do understand you love you, and get excited when they learn to enjoy your many quirks. 

INFJ — Manicotti


Photo courtesy of @eatsntreatss on Instagram

Your thoughts and feelings are always rolled up because there’s just so much going on in your life. Anyone can learn to enjoy this about you because you know what’s going on, and you give people such great advice. Because you know so much about life, you can also adapt to anyone and anything, and learn from those who feed off of you. Manicotti rolls super-filling cheese — and other yummy pasta fillings — inside, and can leave everyone feeling deeply satisfied.

ESTJ — Spaghetti and Meatballs


Photo courtesy of @theoriginalcarrabbas on Instagram

You want people to have the same amount of energy you do because you sometimes get hard to keep up with. Spaghetti is full of carbs that get you energized, and the meatballs contain lots of protein. A plate of spaghetti will please all those who follow your lead for those reasons, and nobody will be too hungry to complete the next challenge you have cut out for them.

ESTP — Cajun Shrimp Pasta


Photo courtesy of @k_amelia93 on Instagram

You’re smart, and you know how to please crowds of people. With your successful self-promoting habits, you can be sure that others will know about all the talents you have to offer. A secret to doing this well is having thick skin, and knowing things that others do not. Cajun shrimp pasta is a unique addition to the world’s collection of pasta dishes, as you’re a unique addition to the world’s collection of people.

#SpoonTip: If you’re all about cajun food, check out this bread recipe.

ESFJ — Penne with ‘Plain’ Sauce


Photo courtesy of @vitellosexpressshermanoaks on Instagram

Your main mission in life is to help others. This way of being makes you pretty popular and reliable, so it’s likely that you’re someone that people turn to when the little things in life start to fail. Penne is an easy-to-cook kind of pasta, that will always be meal-ready with a bit of plain tomato sauce. Everyone you cook it for will appreciate eating it, because this kind of dish is simple and practical, just like you.

ESFP — Bowtie Salad


Photo courtesy of @ocfooddiva on Instagram

You tend to see life as your stage. If you’re at a party, you love to entertain your friends with all your jokes. If you’re in the car, you love to sing along to every embarrassing song. If you’re playing a game, you’re always the star player. No matter what you’re doing, you always seem to stand out, simply because of your great presence. Bowtie pasta is a standout dish because its shape is fun, cute and entertaining to look at. 

#SpoonTip: Bowtie noodles taste pretty rad with this sauce.

ENTJ — Pasta Arrabbiata


Photo courtesy of @everydaysimon on Instagram

You’re not afraid to tell it like it is because you’re a critical thinker. Some might find you to be a little bit blunt at times; nonetheless, you’re always making decisions for others and getting lots of things done. This makes you perfect for the fast-paced corporate world and business. Pasta with arrabbiata sauce has the kind of heat needed to successfully add energy to any meal. The sauce might taste a little hot to some, but many will appreciate the kick of it.

ENTP — Zoodles


Photo courtesy of @inspiralized on Instagram

Traditional gluten pasta is so yesterday. Everyone seems to be worried about something health-related these days, right? Zoodles, are the perfect solution for these apparent problems because these zucchini spirals allow anyone to enjoy their fave pasta dish, no matter the dietary restriction. Just like zoodles, you tend to be innovative, unique, and creative-thinking.

ENFJ — Pasta Primavera


Photo courtesy of @kitchenupstairs on Instagram

You make a point to help anyone you know with anything, and you rarely make a point to help yourself with anything. Because you put other people first, it’s likely that they believe you bring out the best in them. The people you manage to help often feel like they can come to you for everything, and often see you as a vibrant light. Pasta primavera is quite vibrant as well, as it offers its eaters with lots of their favorite veggies. 

ENFP — Rainbow Pasta Salad


Photo courtesy of @kristina100lc on Instagram

Your personality makes it seem as if you have a lot going on, and others are never surprised to hear that you do. This makes it very easy for you to meet — and get along with — many people from many walks of life. Similarly, rainbow pasta salad we all love goes with just about anything, especially with social foods such as burgers and hot dogs.