As a St. Andrews student, the comparisons to Kate Middleton are endless. Mom wants to know if I've found my prince yet (she's joking). Dad wants to know if this prince has land (he's not joking). And random neighbors want to know if Kate stops by weekly for a look around her former uni (sorry, guys - Kate's only been by once while I've been at St Andrews).

Even the cafés in our small seaside town buy into the hype. Northpoint has a sign in the window that reads 'Where Kate Met Will (For Coffee)!' Students swear that Kate favored Westport for casual drinks with friends. All of it got me thinking about what Kate Middleton actually does eat. Is she a coffee person? Does she wake up and brew a strong cuppa just like the rest of us? Or is it more of a silver platter affair served with freshly cut roses from the royal gardens? 

After a little (okay, a lot of) digging, I managed to unearth some shocking results about Kate Middleton's diet. It turns out that the Duchess of Cambridge is exactly like the rest of us, albeit with better hair and a title. In fact, previous royal palace chef Carolyn Robb has speculated that Kate does most of the cooking herself. That's right. Not a chef or butler in sight.

Here's what a typical day might look like for Her Royal Highness.


juice, sweet, smoothie
Christin Urso

When you're running a country, you gotta start off the day right. The Duchess of Cambridge jumpstarts her day with a smoothie packed with kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, coriander, and blueberry juice.     


soup, curry, pumpkin
Ben Chan

Indian food is as common in England as pigeons, bad weather, and Barbour jackets, and like every Briton, Kate and Will have a soft spot for a homemade vegetable curry. During the couple's holiday to India last year, the duo feasted on vegetable kebabs and lentil curry. Chef Raghu Deora noted that the entire menu was vegetarian, as he was told that was what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge preferred. 


cream, cheese
Carlile Willett

Don't be fooled by the smoothie and meatless curries, Kate is definitely not vegetarian. For dinner, the Duchess has been known to enjoy a beef tenderloin crostini. Ham, salami, and eggs are also among her staple purchases at the grocery store. Because protein, amirite?

Of course, none of Kate's dinners will feature garlic because the bulbous plant is banned from the palace. Stinky breath is not a good idea for state dinners where Kate will be meeting with Russian officials and foreign diplomats. 


As this picture snapped in 2014 shows, the Duchess of Cambridge has been known to enjoy some popcorn while attending a basketball game. Sadly, I'm not sure that munching on popcorn would fly at an English polo match where champagne and strawberries are as abundant as horses, but the tasty snack fits right in at this NBA match in New York.

Ultimately, I learned that Kate Middleton's diet is not so different from the average person. She enjoys a good curry. She cooks for her husband. Her husband then shows his love and gratitude by telling Kate that her cooking is the reason that he's so skinny (I hope Kate put a little too much spice in Will's curry for that comment).

In short, Kate Middleton's diet is shockingly normal. There are no frou-frou ingredients or pheasants in sight. Which makes me think that maybe Kate really did enjoy a few cuppas and pancakes at local St Andrew's cafés during her time at uni.

Northpoint, here I come.