Although we primarily come to university to study, more importantly we must decide where and what to eat and drink during our four years of undergrad. For a town with just three streets, options in St Andrews are plentiful and making a dining choice is not always easy. Luckily, Spoon St Andrews has done some digging and found the best spots around town for your deepest desires throughout the academic year.

1. When you're craving a pizza/munchies at 2am: Dervish

pizza, bacon
Chase Judkins

If you haven’t been to Dervish yet, you’re truly missing out. St Andrews’ students hold this spot dear to their hearts for the many great times they can’t really remember (not our fault we have more than 23 pubs). The employees of this fine establishment have definitely been witness to some of St Andrews students’ messiest moments, and we thank them for everything they do for us. 

What to order: We can’t advise you here, and even if we did you would definitely forget once you’re five pablos deep. Cheesy chips (for Americans: cheese fries but somehow so much more) and pizza are two of their most popular menu items. 

#SpoonTip: If you’re feeling extra hungry, order the Munchie Box as a special treat for yourself.  

Location: 13 Bell Street, St Andrews KY16 9UR

2. When you’re cramming for exams and the library is full: Cafe at The British Golf Museum 

Photo courtesy of The British Golf Museum

As sad as we are to give up our favorite study spot, y’all deserve it. The Cafe at The British Golf Museum is an incredible place to get a coffee and read a book, overlooking West Sands and The Old Course.

What to order: Get a latte and a scone. You need all the caffeine and brain food you can get.

Location: Bruce Embankment, St Andrews KY16 9AB

3. When you're trying to be healthy: Zest to Go

coffee, tea
Photo courtesy of

Although its no Sweetgreen, Zest to Go has different salad options every day so while you’re staying healthy you at least get some variety. You can also start your morning off right with one of their brain-boosting smoothies or juices.

What to get: Their Cheeky Monkey smoothie is LIT. The combo of banana, honey, and coffee is a great start to any day. 

Location: 91 Market St, St Andrews KY16 9NX

4. When you're trying to be romantic/fancy: Little Italy

pepper, tomato, sauce, soup, cream
Jane Madden

If the ambiance in Little Italy isn’t enough to make you know this is the spot for romance, the food will do it. Have a Lady & The Tramp movie moment with one of their incredible pastas and few glasses of red wine for a perfect date night.

What to get: When you’re splashing out on your special someone (or yourself), order the Lobster Ravioli for a full-on food-gasm. 

Location: 2 Logies Ln, St Andrews KY16 9LN

5. When your parents are visiting and they’re footing the bill: The Peat Inn

Charlotte Cohen

The taxi ride (that your parents will pay for) is worth it for this Michelin-starred meal. You can expect: a starter to your starter, palate cleansers, and some of the highest quality service in Fife. 

What to get: If your budget isn’t limited, go for the tasting menu and try the chef’s best creations.

Location: Fife, Scotland KY15 5LH

6. When you’re "doing it for the Insta": Jannetta's Gelateria

ice, cream, wafer, chocolate, candy
Charlotte Cohen

Jannetta’s won the Golden Cone in 2014 for best ice cream in Scotland, and they really live up to that title. Not only that, but their ice cream is perfectly grammable, so take a pic and enjoy. 

What to get: Embrace your inner purist and stay simple with the vanilla, which is made fresh every day.  Location: 31 South St, St Andrews KY16 9QR 

7. When you’re craving something sweet: Fisher & Donaldson 

doughnut, cake, cookie, sweet
Sophia Chiang

The quintessential St Andrews sweets shop, Fisher & Donaldson is the spot to hit if your sweet tooth is aching.

What to get: Donut lovers unite: their fudge donuts put all other donuts to shame. Location: 13 Church St, St Andrews KY16 9NW 

8. When you're hungover: Cherries

Jane Madden

Although the sandwich options can be daunting when you’re hungover and disoriented, any combo is worth it. It’s take-away and on South Street so no need to worry about running into people when all you just want is to go back to bed. 

What to get: Literally anything. Let your hungover-desires lead the way.  Location: 91 South Street, St Andrews KY16 9QW

9. When you want to check out live music: Aikman's

beer, liquor, ale, alcohol, stout
Photo by Bernt Rostad

Grab a beer and listen to some tunes at this pub with some of the best vibes in St Andrews. Take some time away from Ma-Bells and enjoy a more low-key night instead.

What to get: Aikman's kitchen stays open longer than any other pub in St Andrews, so enjoy some bar snacks with a European beer of your choice.  Location: 32 Bell Street, St Andrews KY16 9UX

10. When you're craving Indian: Jahangir

meat, vegetable, sauce, soup, pork, chicken
Eunice Choi

This one was a tough call, and shoutout to Maisha and Balaka for their student deals as well. Jahangir wins this round because its a little bit cheaper without sacrificing on taste, so head on over to this South Street spot for a great student takeaway deal.

What to get: Any combo from the student takeaway deal is rich in flavor and costs a mere £5 for a very filling meal. Location: 116a South Street, St Andrews KY16 9QD

11. When you're sick of Starbucks/Costa: Taste

chocolate, coffee, cream
Photo by Sophie Mitchell

There are many coffeeshops around town to get your caffeine fix at, but Taste reigns supreme. This small North Street spot not only has some of the best coffee in St Andrews, but they bake their wide variety of incredible cakes fresh every day. 

What to get: Their flat white is a life-savor when you're in dire need of caffeine. Pair it with Rosemary's Baby cake for a perfect study snack.

Location: 148 North Street, St Andrews KY16 9AF

12. When you turn 21: The Adamson Bar

coffee, tea, beer
   Photo courtesy of The Adamson Bar on

There are so many pubs to choose from in St Andrews, but The Adamson wins this round because of its extensive cocktail list and gorgeous interior design. Celebrate the big 21 hard with our favorite cocktails. 

What to get: The Flaming Zombie is a great way to get good bang for your buck with three different shots of alcohol and small flame to top it off. 

Location: 127 South Street, St Andrews KY16 9UH

13. When you're on-the-go at lunch time: Rocca Deli

water, beer, bread
David Buckley

Rocca sandwiches are honestly out of this world. This small Italian deli on Bell Street is easy to miss but is a must when it comes to lunch. Their ingredients are fresh, the service is friendly, and their food is some of the finest in town. 

What to get: The parma ham sandwich is one of their most popular sandwiches, but choose any sandwich and a drink for a quick and cheap-ish lunch at just £5.50. 

Location: 33 Bell Street, St Andrews KY16 9UR