The saying goes, "a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away," and in this case, it actually will. Israeli start-up Wine Water Ltd. will be launching an all-natural wine-grape infused spring water called O.Vine, that is said to be non-alcoholic. It plays on the 'near water' category of seltzers and teas, mixing the taste and smell of wine with spring water (aka 'Wine Water'). Interestingly, these drinks let you indulge in the sensation of drinking wine, without the effects of alcohol. 

Now, I know what you're thinking, "what's the point of 'Wine Water' if it doesn't have any alcohol in it?" Well, considering the fact you won't get a hangover (hence the water), you still get to enjoy all the perks of regular wine (minus the booze). So after a long day at work, you can come home, pour yourself an entire bottle, and not have to worry about feeling tired or sluggish the next day. Not to mention you'll save yourself the extra calories.

How It's Made

The O.Vine Wine Grape Infused Water was created by blending spring water with red or white grape skins, and seeds extracted from wine grape waste, without having added preservatives or artificial flavoring. It derives its color and aroma from the grape seeds and skins while delivering the same antioxidants and health benefits of regular wine (#healthy). 

Wine Water Ltd. teamed up with Practical Innovation, an award-winning Israeli innovation company, to create the line of drinks. Anat Levi, CEO and founder of Wine Water told PR Newswire that "developing O.Vine was extremely challenging." But together they created a process to stop the wine from oxidizing (aka flattening) while maintaining its color, flavor, and fragrance. 


Did I mention O.Vine is environmentally friendly? Levi reports that "all of my recent initiatives have leveraged sustainable approaches, which have mainly been producing eco-friendly products with a minimal footprint." So by upcycling excess wine ingredients, they are reducing their carbon footprint in addition to making a healthy wine alternative. 

"Our mission was to create a pure water sensation that not only inspires consumers to appreciate wine's complex flavors and aromas but also leverages sustainable principles by reusing the skins and seeds from the wine grapes remaining from the winemaking process," says Tal Leizer, CEO of Practical Innovation, to PR Newswire.

So if you're all about staying healthy and saving the world one glass at a time, O. Vine is the perfect summer refresher for you. The line will feature two still and two sparkling wines, available in red (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, and Petit Verdot) and white (Riesling and Gewürztraminer) varieties. Wine Water will be making its world debut this month at the Fancy Food Show in New York on June 30 and will, later on, announce which retailer(s) will be carrying the product starting this summer.