From the Rock's "cutting" diet for movies like "Baywatch," to Chad from "The Bachelorette," I am strangely fascinated with celebrity diets. In the age of comparison, it's easy to get sucked into the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It's all fun and games at first until you are obsessed with becoming like your favorite celebrities at the detriment of your own self-worth. Well, I'd like to turn this unhealthy mentality on its head: Here's what fad diet not to participate in, based on your favorite D-list celeb.

Jesse McCartney: Taco Cleanse

An ode to my pre-teen years, this blue-eyed heartthrob ruled Nickelodeon with his hit song "Beautiful Soul" and lead vocals as a member of "Dream Street." Sure, he might've been your teenage crush, but he didn't last (much like the taco cleanse). It sounds like a dream, but after awhile, the tacos (and Jesse McCartney, I guess) become old news. 

Mike from "Jersey Shore": No Carb Diet

"Jersey Shore" might have only aired for six seasons, but it forever lives on the Internet through the very relatable and iconic memes it produced. One of the most infamous characters is Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, a health nut that followed a no carb diet (no doubt taking inspiration from the queen Regina George). It's since been debunked by science, though, so it's best to avoid this.

Chord Overstreet: Cookie Diet

"Glee" was a show that went from 100 to 0 real quick. As it dragged along, it got progressively more unrealistic and dry. But the shining star of New Additions was Chord Overstreet, who has a soft, golden voice and an even more beautiful face to accompany it. He seems like such a sweet guy... But just like the cookie diet, after too much of a sweet thing, it starts to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Nat Wolff: Juice Cleanse

Nat Wolff and his brother, Alex, starred in a show on Nickelodeon entitled "The Naked Brothers Band," which followed the brothers and their adventures as band members. The name of their band is interesting to say the least. Unlike the name and its play on nakedness, don't strip your diet down to simply juice. Contrary to popular belief, juice cleanses will deprive your body of essential nutrients for healthy function. 

Jake Paul: Baby Food Diet

Look, I'm not judging you if you're a fan of Jake Paul... but I just don't get it—he's a grown man who pulls ridiculous pranks and acts immature. This man-child resembles the baby food diet, naturally. Yes, people actually eat baby food to lose weight. The thought is insane, much like the thought of Jake Paul being invited to the White House, only to crash there overnight without permission.

Troian Bellisario: Banana Diet 

Hear me out, Troian Bellisario should be considered a D-list celeb. "Pretty Little Liars" was a huge hit, but once it ended, the cast faded into the oblivion (besides Shay Mitchell). And, okay, it wasn't like the show was a television genius—the entire premise of the show was bananas. Don't stay in a town if there's someone that's constantly blackmailing you, and don't only eat bananas. Please.

Anyone from "The Bachelor" Franchise: Detox Diet

"The Bachelor" is my guilty pleasure reality TV show. There's nothing more entertaining than relationship drama that isn't my own. But, I'll be the first to admit that it's crazy that people on the show become famous and have a pretty massive social media following. The show's contestants and detox diets are similar because they look so good on a screen, but aren't substantive in real life. 

The next time you're looking for some health inspiration, maybe don't look toward your favorite D-list celebrity's endorsements for advice. There are a ton of healthier ways to improve your eating habits. But, please, whatever you do, don't fall for Skinny Tea Tox.