Teatoxing? Don’t you mean detoxing? Nope. Teatoxing is a clever word merge of “tea” and “detoxing”, and it’s about to blow up.

The idea is a combination of tea with some super immune and health boosting ingredients that aid in weight loss, energy, and overall detoxification. There are many popular teatoxes including Bootea and Skinny Teatox which are two of the most widely used and highly rated. The tea kit consists of a morning tea meant to energize the body and a nighttime tea to cleanse the system of toxins that may have been consumed throughout the day. Skinny Teatox’s natural ingredients include tea leaves, senna leaf, licorice, ginseng, ginger, cloves, rhubarb, chrysanthemum, and others, so it’ll still taste pretty great.

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These teatoxes are slowly gaining some street cred in the weight loss community but there are some major doubters of what the product can do. According to Shape, a main ingredient in most of the teatoxes is senna leaf, which acts as a laxative, and isn’t even proven to promote weight loss. It can actually hurt the stomach lining and cause discomfort if taken for more than 14 days. Shape just says to skip the teatox altogether if you want to lose weight but if that’s the case why are so many people supporting the product and seeing results? 

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Hundreds of people send in reviews of these teatoxes swearing by them, sending in before and after pictures of their results. One person claimed to have lost 15 pounds in two weeks, and others have visibly shed inches from their bodies. Even celebrities have posted Instagram pictures supporting Bootea including Scott Disick, Bella Thorne, Jen Selter, and even pro-boxer David Haye who have all been featured on the company’s Instagram page.

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Overall, just like with any diet or weight-loss claiming product, it truly depends on the person’s body type, eating habits, and exercise routine that will determine results or not. Although the tea has been known to lead to weight loss, this doesn’t mean you can continue your Netflix binges and eat an entire box of Cheez-Its. For the best results, a healthy diet and regular exercise are a must.

If you’re up to trying a new way to kick-start eating healthy again after a holiday or just need that extra something to help with eating right I’d say go for the teatox. They retail for around $32 for the 14 day and $40 for the 28 day. I bought a less popular brand 28 day teatox off Groupon for 30 bucks which I highly recommend for those on a budget.

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