Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another version of water out there, in comes hydrogen water. A liquid that has been used in Japan for years has recently been made famous in the US by celebrities like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Zac Efron. With this group of superhumans as its endorsers, it’s no wonder that hydrogen water has caught the public’s eye. Who wouldn’t be drawn in by the tempting promise of getting Blake Lively’s glowing skin or Zac Efron’s washboard abs? Unfortunately, it may not be the solution to all of your problems.

So what is it?

Hydrogen water is basically exactly what it sounds like. It's regular water infused with a boatload of additional hydrogen molecules. You can buy a bottle of this bubbly water for around $3 or purchase a hydrogen tablet to dissolve into your own glass for around $1 a pop. One of the most popular brands of the bottled stuff is HFactor. There are also machines you can buy to make your own hydrogen water at home, which cost a pretty penny.

If it's so great, then what's the problem?

Hydrogen water sounds like the drink gifted from the gods above, but it may be no more than pseudoscience. Right now, there is a lack of convincing scientific evidence to support these extraordinary claims. There have been a limited amount of studies conducted, and they have not shown a strong correlation between any sort of benefits and the consumption of the beverage. However, there are clearly consumers and believers out there. With the attention hydrogen water is receiving, there’s hope that new science may emerge to prove the benefits.

It is also important to make sure you are getting what you pay for. Hydrogen water loses all of its benefits if it’s not packaged in an aluminum can or some other container that can prevent the gas from escaping. In addition, you need to sip it fast. Once the bottle is open, the hydrogen molecules diffuse out of the liquid, and it turns back into normal water.

Now that you know the background of this new health craze, it’s up to you to figure out for yourself if you are a believer or not. The good news is that there isn’t any harm to giving it a try. As far as we know, there is no danger of toxicity or any negative health implications from drinking hydrogen water. At $3 a bottle it’s not cheap for water, but if it’s essentially sourced from the fountain of youth, it may be worth it. 

What’s the point?

There are a lot of alluring, alleged benefits of hydrogen water. According to supporters, this fancy water has antioxidant properties and reduces inflammation. It's also supposed to be great for athletes and gym junkies since it’s said to aid with post-workout recovery.

Beyond that, hydrogen water could be a replacement for your morning cup of joe. The added hydrogen apparently activates the body’s cellular energy to enhance mood and alertness without the unwanted jitters of caffeine. This drink may even help slow the aging process! Magic! If you're at all intrigued by this mysterious, bubbly drink, go out and try some today!