Everyone needs a good detox every once in a while, and hey - it's a good way to kick off the near year. Here are some good waters to sip on and some reasons why you might wanna drink em'. So, read up - there's a detox water out there for everyone.

1. Boost the Immune System

Need a little boost or feeling under the weather? Here's the special water for you. Add some sliced strawberries, basil, and lemon to chilled water and you'll feel better before you know it.

2. Healthier Skin

Having one of your break out spells? Here's exactly what you need to zap those pimples and get rid of that dry skin. Add some blueberries and sliced oranges to chilled water and you'll wake up to skin as soft as a baby's bum.

3. Turn Fat into Fuel

Feeling a little chunky and want to go for a run? Sip on this before hitting the gym and you'll stay on that treadmill longer than ever before. Just add some sliced grapefruit and rosemary to your chilled water.

4. Better Digestion

If you're feeling bloated after a big dinner, gulp down some of this and you'll feel good as new. All you have to do is add some sliced pear and shaved ginger to chilled water and you'll feel like you haven't eaten all day.

5. Anti-Aging 

This one is for the grown ups out there who are starting to notice wrinkles or feeling as though they can't do the same stuff that they used to. So, have no fear - try this out. Add some raspberries and mango to water, squeeze a little lime in there, and you'll feel 21 again in no time.

So, run over to the super market and get ready to feel the benefits. AND you won't have to spend a month's worth pay on those green juices (that probably aren't even worth it, TBH). All these detox water combinations will enhance your feelings and increase your performance on a day-to-day basis. Happy detoxing!