You know what you're wearing for Halloween already so the next choice is what drink to pre-game with. Mixing up your usual pre-game method is essential and you might even find out you like something new. Since you already know what you're wearing here is what drink to pre-game with based on that Halloween costume. 

80s Workout Outfit: Long Island Iced Tea

This is an easy option as far as Halloween costumes go. Pair a neon leotard with some bright colored tights and a matching sweatband. As for the drink that goes alongside the outfit is a Long Island Iced Tea. The drink was invented in 1970 but became popular in the 80s making this the perfect pre-game addition to the workout outfit.

Audrey Hepburn/ Marilyn Monroe: Champagne

As the famous Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world." If you give that girl the right drink for the night to pre-game with and she'll have a lit night. With champagne in hand, you'll be both classy, fabulous, and drunk.

Hugh Hefner: Rum and Coke

Rum and Coke is the perfect drink to have in hand while rocking that red robe and sailor hat outfit. Cuba Libre or 'Rum and Coke' is perfect to pair with this classic outfit. Alongside the garb, you need a rum and Coke in one hand, Playboy bunny on the other arm.

Emergency First Responder: Whiskey Sour

This would be an umbrella term for firefighter, police officer, or paramedic. Although if you're either a nurse or doctor, whiskey sour would be the perfect way to pre-game before the night starts. Whiskey sours are a mixture of whiskey, lemon juice, syrup, and an optional egg white, which combines to make a simply classic drink. Emergency first responders have a tough job that is under appreciated and calls for a classy pre-game drink.

Pennywise (Clown): Bloody Mary

The clown costume such as the "It" movie character Pennywise are supposed to be extremely popular this year because of the movie release this past September. Pennywise is a diabolical, predator that preys on little kids so it is understandable that the perfect pre-game drink would be a Bloody Mary.

Superhero/Villain: Martini

The martini may scream 'James Bond' but superheroes are also all the rage this year. Since "Wonder Woman" came out in May of 2017, and "Suicide Squad" came out in August of 2016 there will be a lot of drunk superheroes and villains at the bar this year.

Cat/Mouse/Dog: Vodka

Every college student knows that the best way to get drunk quickly is by drinking vodka. A cheap and basic costume that goes well with vodka would be the dressing up as an animal. This basic Halloween costume will transport you back to freshmen year with some vodka to pre-game with.

Angel/Devil: Tequila

This is also a simple yet can be a well-done costume, buy devil horns and wear red or buy a halo and wear white. Tequila alongside vodka is a basic alcohol that gets the pre-gaming job done. Be angelic or devilish this Halloween while drinking a margarita or taking some tequila shots.

Scarecrow: Beer

Scarecrows are made of straw to protect crops, so it only makes sense their drink of choice would be a beverage made from wheat. Make the pre-game fun by playing a classic drinking game such as beer pong or flip cup and accentuate that scarecrow look with a can or bottle of beer in hand. 

Witch: Absinthe

Banned in multiple countries for its reaction, this drink is trying to make a comeback once again. The perfect drink for any witch costume is absinthe because of its eerie green color and it's banned past.

So go out and find the best costume, pair it with a good drink and most importantly have fun! Happy Halloween!