The Plex at BC is more than just a space for individual workouts. Group classes such as Zumba and Fitlates are also offered in case you want a good, structured workout that you can do with friends. (Find the class schedule here!) After workouts like these it's always nice to treat yourself to one of the many dining hall desserts. Which dessert you get, however, depends on which class you choose to take. Some are definitely harder than others, which boosts the amount of calories you burn. Read on to find out which dining hall dessert you should eat based on your Plex workout! 

Sunrise Yoga

Paige Silvestri

If you're an early riser and choose to take Sunrise Yoga at 7:00am, then you could opt to have your sweet treat at lunch time. In this class your alignment, coordination, and breath are emphasized to start your day off fresh. While this is more of a soothing class, you are still working many muscle groups and getting in a good stretch. Because of this you should reward yourself with a nice chocolate chip or M&M cookie from Eagle's Nest. Since this dining area is only open for lunch, it's the perfect time for you to snag one of their delicious cookies. Nowhere else on campus has cookies as soft and scrumptious as Eagle's, so make sure you head on over at lunch time.


Emily Lyons

If you like your fitness classes fun and cardio based, you're probably taking a Zumba class. All of the instructors at the Plex come up with awesome dance routines that still give you a great workout. Some are more intense and fast-paced than others, but they all get you to burn those calories! Zumba is typically taught between 7 and 8pm at BC so walk on over to Lower dining hall after class and grab a brownie or a blondie. The brownies at Lower are really dense and chocolatey and some even come frosted. If you're looking for a little less decadence try the blondies. After all that dancing, you deserve it!


Paige Silvestri

Any SoulCycle fans out there? In my experience, the spin classes at the Plex are just as good as SoulCycle's! All the spin fanatics here at BC know that it is a workout and a half. Between the sprints, and hill climbs you work up an appetite in class. But make sure you reserve your spot by calling this number in advance! After going to spin, opt for an Addie's shake. Filling and delicious, this is the perfect sweet treat for after a grueling workout. The flavors usually change every day, so if you're an avid spinner you could try them all! Whether you're doing Spin 45 or Spin 60, you will definitely earn your shake.


Emily Lyons

Fitlates is one of the tougher classes offered at the Plex. It works your thighs, glutes, and core by testing your muscle endurance. There's also a ton of planks thrown into this class which can be killers. Your muscles might hate you afterward but there's one thing you can please: your stomach. Grab a cake slice from the fridge in Lower to treat yourself after this intense workout. You'll have all types of flavors to choose from such as vanilla, chocolate, and sometimes even cheesecake. 

Total Body Circuits

Paige Silvestri

Total Body Circuits is arguably the hardest class at the Plex. Things like resistance bands, dumbbells, and body bars are used during class as well as bursts of cardio. If you are brave enough to brace this class and strong enough to finish it you have deserved the most coveted dessert of all: White Mountain ice cream. You have burned enough calories to enjoy an amazing cup or cone (or sundae) from White Mountain. This is the best ice cream in a BC student's world and Total Body Circuit is your ticket to a guilt free trip to WMC. When class gets tough and you feel like you physically can't go longer, just think about that Cookie Monster calling your name!

Here at BC we're all about the work hard, play hard mentality. It's always awesome to treat yourself once in a while but remember to take everything in moderation: this includes both working out and eating dessert. Happy exercising Eagles!