SoulCycle is exploding across the country. The revolutionary indoor cycling class has transformed the way thousands of people view exercise. Instead of sitting in a dull fitness class that leaves you staring at the clock, SoulCycle offers a dark disco-light atmosphere, upbeat jams, and fun “choreography” full-body cycle workouts.

Celebrities, students, and former exercise haters all come together to “find their soul,” and leave class exhausted yet revived, and ready to kick ass all day long.


Photo courtesy of SoulCycle

Another sweet thing about SoulCycle is that all the instructors are the coolest. They’re like mini celebrities.

Everyone has their favorites, but it’s hard not to walk out of a SoulCycle sweat session wishing you were cool enough to brunch with your instructor. And if they compliment your sports bra, it basically makes your year.


Photo courtesy of SoulCycle

So what do those SoulCycle instructors do to stay fit and healthy? How do they fuel up to do what they do all day long? We sat down with Drew Berezowitz, a 24-year old Soul instructor in New York City found at the 19th Street and Brooklyn locations, to find out.

Spoon: Give us a little background info. Your name, age, background if you want, and how you got into being a cycling instructor.

Drew Berzowitz (DB): Live in NYC, born in Wisconsin.  I used to be a rider at SoulCycle while I was studying music at NYU. It was really the first exercise I got excited about.

Spoon: Take us through a day of eating.




Photo by Katherine Baker

I’m fully aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I rarely wake up with any semblance of an appetite. Because I teach as early as 6 or 7 am I have to consciously make the choice to fuel up- usually opting for a banana (potassium helps prevent muscle cramps) or a Clif Builder’s Bar. In addition, I always try to start my day with a big glass of water with lemon juice.



Photo by Becca Buchanan

I usually have a break in my day of teaching to actually have a lunch, but I still have to keep it light so that I don’t feel too full to work out again (which takes a lot of discipline because I love food… I love it so much.)

By mid-day my body is definitely craving protein and some carbohydrates so my favorite lunch has become some traditional sushi with brown rice. Not the ‘super deep fried dragon roll’ version, but the traditional simplified fish laid over rice.



Photo by Abigail Wang

I LOVE to cook and my friend Leslie and I recently started a website where we curate a whole cooking dining experience incorporating music and other elements to create a specific ambience for different meals- check it out Disco Kitchen!

I don’t like to count calories or get too obsessed with meeting the exact nutrition recommendations. Every person is different and every body functions a little differently. I always monitor my nutrition, but for dinner I usually relax and just enjoy the experience of making a great meal!

Spoon: What foods do you like to eat to fuel up for and refuel from a workout?

DB: Before a workout I keep it light – some almonds, dried fruit, or a green juice. After a workout I like to feel a little sustenance in my stomach so I’ll opt for a fruit smoothie, protein shake, or if I’m feeling really in need of fuel: chocolate milk… And water, ALWAYS WATER. I can’t stress how important it is to drink enough water.


Photo by Abby Perham

SpoonDo you eat differently on your off days?

DB: I usually tend to indulge more on my days off. My body still thinks it has to prepare for a hard day’s work at SoulCycle because it’s recovering from the day before so even on my day’s off my appetite is out of control! Inevitably I will end up eating at my favorite burrito place, Dos Toros (best burrito in Manhattan)!


Photo by Katie Coyle

Spoon: Name 5 foods you can’t live without.

DB: Lemons, Brioche, Guacamole, Whole Foods Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, & Wolffer Vineyards Dry Rosé Cider.


Photo by Caroline Liu

So there you have it – what a real live SoulCycle instructor eats. Don’t you feel cooler now that you know? Whether or not you fuel like Drew, we dig his advice about keeping nutrition in mind while enjoying food and life and are inspired to mix food, fitness, and fun in our futures.

Thanks so much for sitting down with us Drew! Now let’s all have a banana and go tap in at SoulCycle class.

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