Halloween's just around the corner, and everyone's getting pumped for a wild weekend. Whether you're watching scary movies or hitting up Halloween parties with your best food costume, you're bound to get hungry. 

Here's the lowdown, from Grubhub, on what college students order more of on Halloween than they do the rest of the year. It seems appearances and appetites both change on this spooky holiday.

Eating Healthy

Mixed Salad (94% increase)

broccoli, kale, salad
Elizabeth Layman

If you're scared you won't get your daily servings of vegetables, order a mixed salad to keep your body happy. 

Gluten-free Cheese Pizza (60% increase)

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Allergic to gluten? You're not the only one. Plenty of students are ordering gluten-free pizzas on Halloween. 

Grilled Chicken Bowl (84% increase)

Fill your stomach with a healthy and delicious grilled chicken bowl when you start to feel queasy from all the candy you've eaten.


Brussels Sprout Pizza (97% increase)

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Halloween's the perfect time to let loose, dress up as your favorite celebrity, and eat whatever you want. If you love Brussels sprout pizza, now's your chance to order it. No judgment.

French Fries (94% increase)

pasta, french fries, vegetable, potato, spaghetti
Jocelyn Hsu

French fries are delicious every day, but they're even better when you're looking for savory goodness to balance the sweets.

Pie (84% increase) 

apple pie, apple, bread, wheat, sweet, pie
Jocelyn Hsu

Want something sweet but want to avoid trashy Halloween candy? Pie is the answer.

Full Stomach Before Going Out

California Omelette (60% increase)

cheese, meat, bacon
Karen Chou

There's no need to leave the house hungry when you can order in breakfast for dinner.

Chicken Parmigiana (58% increase) 

sauce, gravy
Jocelyn Hsu

Chicken and pasta. What better way to prep your stomach for a wild night out?

Dumplings (54% increase)

dumpling, pasta, vegetable, gyoza, ravioli, meat
Jocelyn Hsu

Easy to eat, dumplings are the perfect meal for when you're running late to a party. You can plop one in your mouth, put on a sock, eat another, apply zombie make-up, and so on.

Something Yummy When They Get Home

Egg on a Bagel Sandwich (96% increase)

Bagel sandwiches are so easy to eat. Lounge on the couch, unwrap sandwich, and enjoy.

Cheese Quesadilla (58% increase)

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Continue feeding your cheese obsession on Halloween with a cheesy quesadilla.

French Toast and Egg (56% increase) 

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Why gorge on candy corn when you can treat yourself to a classy French toast and eggs after a fun Halloween?

Something Yummy After a Crazy Night Out

New York Pizza (68% increase)

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End the night by sharing a New York pizza with your best friends and chatting about all the crazy things you did tonight.

Golden Brown Pancake (50% increase) 

sweet, pancake, syrup, berry, pastry, blueberry, cake, raspberry, honey
Malia Hu

It's already "morning" by the time you get back so there's no reason not to have breakfast now, right? Lose yourself in delicious maple syrup and a fluffy, golden brown pancake. 

Tonkotsu Ramen (49% increase)

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Warm yourself and fill your belly with tonkotsu ramen after a wild night out. Your stomach will thank you later.

Halloween isn't just a night of candy and other Halloween-themed snacks. It's also a great time to treat your tummy to all the food you've been craving by ordering delivery through Grubhub