There are so many types of cravings, but one type that almost every college student shares is cravings from home. What makes these cravings different from a sugary, salty, or that time of the month craving is that there is no limit to what it can be, from seafood, to homemade cookies, to a favorite coffee shop. After asking students from all around the country, here are some ordinary and not-so-ordinary foods college students crave when they return home from school.

Homecooked Meals

There's really nothing like a nice homecooked meal to satisfy any homesick craving. While Constance from Tenessee craves homemade mashed potatoes and steak, Ellie of Michigan State University craves "homemade baked goods of all forms...especially my chocolate chip cookies!

Comfort Food Classics

pizza, meat, pepperoni, bacon, sauce
Libby Perold

In my opinion, comfort food never fails to disappoint, especially if it's from home! Many dining halls serve pizza, pasta, and tacos, however according to Alaina, "Northeast pizza just cannot be beat!" 

#SpoonTip: What pairs well with comfort food? Your pals from home! Get a group together and catch up with eachother over a shared pizza or taco bar. 


Depending on where you go to school, the seafood offered in the dining hall or surrounding restaurants may or may not be the best (landlocked Tennessee? hmm...). It's no surprise that many college students, like Tessa from Connceticut, crave fresh seafood. Katherine, from Rhode Island, craves seafood of all kinds, including "lobster rolls, raw Matunuck oysters, and stuffies."

Favorite Restaurant

Rianna Lloyd

Homecooked meals sure are great, but sometimes going to a favorite restaurant is what is needed to cure those cravings. Elizabeth of George Mason University says "for me it's a Chinese mom gets a huge amount of everything when I come home, and we eat it all at the kitchen table buffet-style." Liz from New York says she craves a "Gargiulo bruger...basically a hamburger with roast beef, cheese, and onions double dipped in roast beef juice."

What college students crave to eat can be a bit unpredictable, and sometime students don't even know their own cravings until the moment they get home! That was the case for me- while on my first drive home from school, I called my dad and told him to get his grill ready because all I wanted to eat was a turkey burger, roasted brussel sprouts, and homecut sweet potato fries. Being away at school is fun and all, but nothing beats biting into that much anticipated burger, slice of pizza, or homemade cookie.