What is the one food that most of us could not live without? Hint: It’s cheesy, doughy, and topped with anything from pepperoni to pineapple to chicken to broccoli.

In a 2014 poll conducted by Daily Mail that surveyed over 1,000 men and women in the United States who were asked what their favorite food was, pizza came in third. And do you want to know where you can find the best pizza? New England, hands down.

Contrary to popular belief, New England isn’t all lobster rolls and clam chowder, in fact, seafood is only one type of food that we New Englanders do remarkably well. And while New York may take the cake for best bagels (although I’m willing to fight that one too), the best pizza in the country (and world) is most definitely found in New England. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by one of these joints.

1. Pizzeria Regina, Boston, MA


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

Located in Boston (and several other Massachusetts towns), Pizzeria Regina is a longtime Bostonian favorite. It has been around for ages and is still one of Boston’s hottest spots.

More often than not there is a long, winding line that forms outside the restaurant, so take that into account next time you plan to go. Family style ordering is a must, along with their roasted vegetable toppings. Stop by and you will finally understand what all the hype is about.

2. Town Spa, Stoughton, MA


Photo by Erin Purcell Maillet

Town Spa is a great mom and pop shop where you and your family can enjoy a fun evening out. You will most likely need to be rolled out after noshing on their delicious pies. Town Spa doesn’t play into the latest thin crust or gluten-free trends; they keep it old school and man is it amazing. After your first trip to Town Spa you’ll immediately feel right at home and will definitely be coming back for more.

#SpoonTip: Order the “personal cheese pizza” for a personalized pizza pan and perfect portion!

3. Oath Craft, Nantucket, MA


Photo courtesy of @Foodintheair on Instagram

End your perfect Nantucket beach day with pizza at Oath Craft on Nantucket’s fun and festive Straight Wharf. Not-your-average pizza, these pies are flash-fried in about 90 seconds so your order of five pizzas will not take longer than seven minutes.

The magical crunch and lack of grease are feats achieved by no other restaurant I have ever been to. Not to mention the beautiful vista of Nantucket provides an excellent background for Foodintheair-worthy Instagrams.

Try one of their unique flavors like “Luau” (BBQ pulled pork, pineapple, crushed red pepper, flake, honey BBQ drizzle, and scallion), “Muffled Trushroom” (truffle sauce, mozzarella, roasted portobello, ricotta, and parmesan), or “Spicy Mother Clucker” (mozzarella, pickled red onion, chicken, sriracha sauce, secret sauce, and scallion).

4. OTTO, Portland, ME


Photo by Lydia Belden

This Portland pizza hot spot has expanded to many different locations around Maine and Massachusetts, and each spot has the same amount of deliciousness as the last.

Otto’s has massive slices for an on-the-go lunch, but it’s also great for ordering 10 larges on a Friday night with friends. Must-orders are the mashed potato and bacon, the butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry, or the mango with BBQ pulled pork.

#SpoonTip: Otto’s offers an outstanding gluten-free crust that will fool all gluten lovers.

5. Flatbread Pizza Company, Portland, ME


Photo by Walker Foehl

This quintessential pizzeria is a haven for local food lovers and a must-stop for you out-of-towners. It’s located right on the Portland waterfront overlooking the gorgeous Casco Bay, and it also has several other locations scattered around New England.

Favorites include the “Community Flatbread” and the “Classic Jay’s Heart.” Each pizza is hand crafted and cooked in their famous stone oven that is visible to every diner.

#SpoonTip: Order a side of Flatbread’s secret house dressing as a great dipping sauce for all those pizza crusts.

6. American Flatbread, Burlington, VT


Photo courtesy of American Flatbread

Located in the hip town of Burlington, Vermont (as well as two other towns in Vermont), this restaurant has a homey vibe and uses all locally-sourced ingredients. Favorite pizzas include the “Revolution” and the “Power to the People.” Enjoy a seat at the bar and listen to the variety of local bands that frequent the restaurant.

7. Frank Pepe’s, New Haven, CT


Photo courtesy of @Infatuation on Instagram

Now in two locations (Chestnut Hill, MA and New Haven, CT), Pepe’s pizza continues to make it’s legendary, award-winning pizza pies that it has spent years perfecting. And boy, are they perfect. Prepare to wait in line, but also prepare to be blown away once you finally get your hands on one of these pizzas.

If you really want that New England experience and you’re feeling a little daring, try their most famous pizza, “White Clam Pizza”, topped with fresh clams, grated cheese, olive oil, fresh garlic and oregano. If you want something a little more traditional, go for the “Quattro Formaggi” a cheesy combo of mozzarella, asiago, goat cheese, and parmesan.

8. Santarpio’s, East Boston, MA


Photo by Taylor Collins

This is another well-known Beantown favorite and the ultimate classic pizza joint to visit when you are really craving good old-fashioned pizza. The perfect amount of crunchy, crispy, doughy, and cheesy, this pizza truly is the best of the best.

Feeling adventurous? Try “The Works” – mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic, sausage, pepperoni, extra cheese and anchovies. Or go for something a little more simple like a chicken, broccoli, and garlic combo. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

9. Posto, Somerville, MA


Photo courtesy of Posto Pizza

While Posto offers a variety of delicious and authentic Italian foods, it would be a mistake to dine here and not order at least a few of their perfectly cooked pizzas. Posto’s dough is one of a kind – light, fluffy, with just the right amount of chew, and this is the reason these pies stand out.

These creations are topped with homemade meatballs of beef, pork, and veal, or veggies like shiitake mushrooms and spinach, and finished with cheeses like fontina and gorgonzola. Don’t forget to add a farm-fresh egg to whatever pizza you decide on.

10. Stella’s Kitchen, Lyme, NH


Photo courtesy of Facebook.com

Stella’s offers a historic feel with all fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This traditional Italian pizzeria is filled with flavor and character. Try the “Garden Veggie” or the “Meat Lover,” the “BBQ Chicken” or the “Buffalo Chicken.” They have all the classics you could imagine, and you can also make your own pizza, filling it with fresh ingredients of your choice.