Finding the perfect water bottle can sometimes feel impossible. So many factors, like looks, insulation, and portability, go into a good bottle. One product that meets all of these requirements is the Welly Bottle. Welly’s two sizes of water bottles are the perfect options for any beverage. Plus, this sustainable water bottle contributes to clean-water efforts.


Sarah Clark

If you want your water bottle to be both distinctive and elegant, a Welly Bottle is the best choice. From the wooden bamboo exterior to the pop of colour from the outer ring, to the simple stainless steel interior, Welly bottles will always be unique.

I really loved the dark blue accents on my bottle, and even customized it with a matching blue “save the oceans” sticker. It isn’t made of plastic or glass like other water bottles I see around my university campus, and I like knowing that even my choice of drink container helps me to stand out.


A lot of water bottle companies are touting their awesome insulation recently, but Welly Bottle really delivers on this promise. It will keep cold drinks icy for 24 hours, and hot drinks steamy for 12 hours. This is perfect for making sure that your water continues to be refreshing after your 2-hour lecture, or that your piping hot coffee will survive the trek to the library without cooling down.

I’m the kind of person who can only drink water when it’s cold enough to give me brain freeze, so my Welly Bottle definitely has its perks when it comes to insulation. I’ve even forgotten my Welly in my bag for the whole day and been delighted to sip frigid water when I remembered it later.


Each Welly Bottle comes with an infuser that can help you make pour-over tea and coffee in one container, or enjoy your fruit-infused water without getting berry seeds stuck in your teeth.

On top of the versatile infuser, Welly offers a variety of other accessories to let you use your water bottle with ease. Bottle Bright cleaning tabs, which promise to clear away any stains or smells from stainless steel bottles, are available on the Welly website, alongside a brush that will clean all the hard-to-reach corners of your bottle.

My favourite accessory is the flip cap that Welly recently introduced. It allows you to cover the wide mouth of the bottle with a cap that flips open to reveal a small hole. This makes drinking hot beverages easy. When I’m speed walking through campus to get to my next class, the flip cap makes it so simple for me to drink my coffee without spilling it everywhere.

Environmental Impact

One of my favourite features of the Welly Bottle is its bamboo exterior. Not only is it good-looking, but it's good for the planet. According to the Welly website, “Each bottle is wrapped in real, natural bamboo [...] we wanted to celebrate natural materials without destroying the environment”.

A lot of water bottles are made from cheap, non-renewable plastics which have a big impact on the environment. Welly helps you avoid plastic consumption thanks to the use of bamboo in their sustainable water bottles.

Community Impact

The best thing about Welly Bottles? Not only will your purchase provide you with an awesome sustainable water bottle, but you’ll be helping someone else drink water, too. For every Welly Bottle sold, $1 is donated to sustainable water projects in developing countries.

Recently, Welly was able to help fund a community well in a country called Malawi in Africa. Because of $10,000 in proceeds from bottle sales, the company provided 200 people with clean, local water.

Supporting clean water efforts through my purchases is a no-brainer to me. I love sipping from my Welly Bottle and being reminded that Welly customers have a small part to play in helping entire communities.

Sarah Clark

Welly has the benefits of a good water bottle—insulation, style, and adaptability—with the added bonus of environmental sustainability and worldwide impact. If you’re in the market for a new sustainable water bottle, Welly is the obvious choice.