After serving and satisfying our fellow students for two years in a row, Ithaca College's Spoon University chapter is excited to announce that our annual Personalized Pancake Station will be returning this Sunday, December 10th from 12-2 p.m. at the Food Lab in Terrace Dining Hall.

What's On the Menu?

With an assortment of batters, mix-ins and toppings, you won't want to miss Spoon U's most popular event of the semester. 

Once it's your turn to customize your pancakes, you will have the option to choose one of our three batters. This includes blueberry, chocolate and classic buttermilk. Toppings range from fresh fruit and mixed berry compote to chocolate chips, crushed Oreos, graham crackers, and M&Ms. And don't forget about our variety of syrups and sauces. Our event is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Finals are quickly approaching, so come to Terrace's this Sunday morning to grab a stack, indulge in some sweets, and alleviate your stress.