1. Fancy Shmancy Toast 

Toast is a life saver. A simple slice of toast with some quality toppings can make for a bangin' breakfast or solid study snack. A trip to Terraces means no need to settle for mundane toppings! Terraces has some great options for a quick, hearty, and tasty toast creation. 

toast, bread, avocado, spread, guacamole
Micol Wajskol

Avocado Toast: 

Occasionally one of the stations like "Simple Servings" or "Food Lab" will be dishing up something with avo, and in that case, snag some. Otherwise, ask for some of the guac at the deli bar and slather on a piece of toast. I love adding feta cheese, sliced red onion, sunflowers seeds, and a drizzle of olive oil (all found at the salad bar).

avocado, egg, tomato, salad
Emily Pressman

Hummus and Sriracha Toast: 

I am new to the Sriracha train but boy am I hooked. Grab some of the hummus from the deli or the kosher section and spread on a hearty whole wheat slice. Top with a drizzle of Sriracha for a subtly spicy snack. 

Emily Pressman

PB Banana Toast:

Pretty sure I eat peanut butter every single day. I love the stuff. One of my favorite ways is slathered on a piece of toast with sliced bananas, honey, and cinnamon. Grab one of the portable peanut butter cups, slice up a 'nana, drizzle some of the honey over by the tea section, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Yum!

toast, banana, bread, butter, cheese, egg
Sophia Sioris

2. Own the Omelette Bar

The omelette bar has long been a Terrace's weekend favorite. But did you know that they can prepare more than omelets? You can request eggs however you like 'em: sunny side up, scrambled, or just the whites. Basically, anything but poached. #SpoonTip top your avo toast with a fried one.

toast, egg, bread, butter
Micol Wajskol

3. Hearty Salads 

No skimpy salads here! A loaded salad can be a filling, nutritious, and delicious meal option. Opt for darker greens like mesclun, or spinach (sorry iceberg) for added nutrients. Get creative with those toppings. Load up with quinoa, beans, chickpeas, hard boiled egg, nuts and seeds, for a protein punch. Top with roasted veggies, grains, or protein that you might find on the mainline. Olive oil and vinegar is always a reliable and yummy dressing option.

sweet potato, salad, sweet, potato, onion, chicken, vegetable
Micol Wajskol

4. Utilize Kosher Kitchen 

The Kosher Kitchen has some great finds. The Lox drew me in and the rugelach keeps me comin' back. 

Try making a bagel with lox. The Kosher Kitchen is always equipped with fresh lox, so add some to a bagel with cream cheese and sliced red onion and tomato and you have yourself a NY bagel. 

Try loading your oatmeal with sunflower seeds, dried raisins, greek yogurt, honey, and a sliced pear or apple for a cozy and filling breakfast. 

Try the delicious kosher baked goods. The Kosher Kitchen has some seriously pretty cakes and tasty treats. Be sure to sample one of their sweet creations like the warm and nutty rugelach or their fluffy cakes. 

bread, sandwich, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bun, lox, toast, fish
Mackenzie Barth

5. Extraordinary Oats

Oatmeal is my breakfast of choice, especially during the school year. A hearty bowl of oats can fuel me through a hectic morning of classes or an AM workout session.  

It's hard to go wrong with peanut butter and banana and the unstoppable combo in oatmeal is no exception. Top a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon, and a splash of almond or soy milk for a bowl of nutty, creamy goodness. 

Feeling adventurous? Savory oatmeal is a personal fave of mine. Oats are a great and versatile grain base, try loading them with some of the toppings you might find at the salad bar or deli counter. Maybe some avocado, feta cheese, olive oil, sunflower seeds, and a fried or hard boiled egg. 

banana, yogurt
Cayley Crutchfield

6. Ice Cream and Floats

College is pretty much the only time in your life that ice cream is available to you whenever you want it. I encourage you to take advantage of that luxury. 

Get creative with your #sundaysundae and crush some of the dessert table cookies as a topping, or even add some fun, crunchy, chocolatey cereal. 

cream, ice cream, chocolate, ice, brownie
Kirby Barth

A float fan? Try a scoop of vanilla in a cup of coca cola or root beer for a taste of nostalgia. Add a waffle or some pancakes under your ice cream creation for a breakfast twist.  

cream, chocolate, caramel, sundae, ice cream, ice
Lucy Rubin

7. Secret Stash of Almond Milk

Not many know that you can receive almond milk upon request. For all us lactose intolerant folk, fear not. Just ask one of the Sodexo employee's working at the main line for some almond milk and they'll give you individual cartons of almond milk. Hello late night cereal without the tummy ache. 

milk, coffee, almond, cereal
Jasmine Tang

8. Simple Servings Fridge and Microwave 

For students with allergies, the simple servings station is a serious staple. The station serves up healthy, allergen free, tasty food. However, the station shuts down occasionally on the weekends. No need to worry though, they stock the station's fridge with leftovers if nothing else in the dining hall suits your fancy. There's a microwave right next to the fridge too if you prefer your food nice n' warm. 

P.S. The fridge is often stocked with little containers of pasta salad or cut fruit which can be great snacks between running from class to class.    

Micol Wajskol

Now you know how to hack Terrace's. From avocado toast to Sundae's, Terrace's has the potential for some serious noms.