Late night munchies are the worst, and that annoying hunger only intensifies after a night of drinking. Drunchies (drunk + munchies) are the perfect “cherry on top” to a long night out. Although your sober self might be upset with your choices the next morning, some of the best moments are shared around a table after a long night at the bar. Telling your stories about the last few hours is obviously better when food’s getting passed around, so we ranked what we think are the best drunchies.

8. Leftovers 

tea, cake, sushi
Alice Zhou

Sure, it’s probably the most accessible thing on this list, but leftovers aren’t fun! Last nights cold pasta is one of the last things I’m craving after a night out. If there’s nothing else, I guess you might as well reach for whatever last nights dinner was, but I’m not gonna be excited to do it.

7. Fruit and Veggies 

Okay, I understand that this is probably the best choice of late night snack on the list, but where’s the fun! It’s not as satisfying when you’re passing around a bag full of carrots compared to a bag full of french fries. I’m sorry diet, Saturday nights have to be cheat nights. 

6. Pretzels

So when you’re craving something salty, pretzels are probably one of the first snacks to turn to. They’re not too unhealthy, but also not the most satisfying thing I want after a night of partying. Plus to avoid a painful next-morning hangover, it’s probably not smart to have something chalk full of sodium.

5. Chips

Again, like pretzels, FULL of sodium, but (in my opinion) much better. Potato chips are fun to pass around and snack on, and more social than a bag of pretzels. It’s a safe choice when reaching for a late night snack, plus finishing a bag or two won’t make you feel too guilty the next morning.

4. Ice Cream 

Ice Cream is the perfect snack food all day, every day. If I could, I’d eat it for every meal, but after a few too many drinks it’s not the first snack I’m reaching for when I get back. It’s just a little too heavy on the stomach and a little too messy. I promise you, I’m not going to be taking time to scoop and clean bowls. The carton becomes your best friend, and although I’m happy in the moment, the hundreds of calories in a pound of mint chip ice cream won’t make you feel too peachy the next morning. 

3. Diner Food

Hannah Bernier

Nothing’s better than squeezing into a booth with your best friends and filling the table with classic diner food. Pancakes and waffles and burgers and fries, oh my! Diner food is comfort food at it’s best, something that definitely hits the spot after a long night of partying. 

2. Fast Food

Easy. Cheap. Quick. Everything anyone could ever want out of a 2am meal. Whether it’s one dollar burgers, a 6 piece box of nuggets or a box of tacos, fast food is always a smart move.  

1. Pizza 

OBVIOUSLY finishing the night with a big greasy, cheesy pizza is the best way to end the night. You can always depend on pizza to satisfy your late night cravings, and it won’t break the bank. Pizza is classic, and wether it’s a big dollar slice from a local pizzeria, or a pie from Dominos, your drunk self will surly be satisfied. 

Remember, the diet can always start tomorrow, and the memories we make around a table with close friends is more important than any beach bod could be. Drink up and snack on!