When talking about each of our fave childhood memories involving food, one memory that came up was eating at the American Girl Café in NYC. It was hard to forget the adorable floral-shaped fruit kebabs and chocolate-mousse flowerpots, and how you could have one of your dolls join you at the table. No doubt, eating at the café was an experience you had to have; so, we made a plan to go.

From the moment we walked in, we felt transported right back to our childhood. Needless to say, the nostalgia hit us hard throughout the whole visit, and it was even cooler because we each got to have brunch at the café with a fellow Spoon member.

Before Brunch

We walked around the store, pointing out the dolls we played with as kids, looking at the dolls of the year, and observing all the new dolls that have come out recently. We then headed downstairs to the café, where we were offered the option to borrow a doll and a seat for it. Obviously, that was an opportunity we couldn't turn down, so we each grabbed one before heading to our table. 

Cherie Litvin

If you sit down at the table and don't feel like a child yet, you're about to, no matter how old you are. Not only is the table set for you, but also for the dolls, who get a place mat (with conversation starters on the back), a plate, and a cup. Adding to the experience, there were children all around us, so happy to dine with their dolls and discuss the hairstyles their dolls got in the salon or the new outfits they bought for them. Even as college students, we couldn't help but be excited by everything.

Food and Chitchat

The experience only got better when the food was brought out. First, we had petite cinnamon buns glazed with vanilla icing. The pastry was warm and sweet, the perfect starter for our meal to come. The only downside? We were limited to one cinnamon bun each. (Raise your hand if you'd also go for seconds!)

Cherie Litvin

The main course arrived pretty quickly after, right while we were discussing our favorite memories from our last family vacations. We each got a breakfast staple: french toast and pancakes. Super fluffy and topped with powdered sugar, we couldn't get enough of every bite. Though, before we dug in, we had to take some pictures, because brunch.

Nicole Marino

Of course, our meal at the American Girl Café couldn't be complete without its iconic desserts. The chocolate-mousse flowerpots hadn't changed a bit, with felt daisies planted in the light green pots. As for the fruit kebabs, they were a bit smaller, but the fruit still brightened the dessert plate and made us feel as nostalgic as ever. In short, brunching down memory lane was definitely a worthwhile experience. 

Nicole Marino

Final Thoughts

If you live near an American Girl store, it's worth it to simply take a peek in. If you've never been there, take it as an opportunity to see the experience of kids wanting to take their dolls to the salon or getting so excited to buy a new outfit. Even if you have been there as a kid, there are so many new things to see. There are now boy dolls in the "Truly Me" line, as a well as dolls with disabilities. The "Doll of the Year" line has probably grown a lot since you last saw it.

Eating brunch there was just as great, and totally worth the $20 per person. Nostalgia is basically a super power; it instantly made us feel like kids again. From eating with our dolls to using the conversation starter card, we didn't feel at all out of place (despite being well above the average age of most of the visitors). Some people like to go on a hike or take a bath to escape from the scary and way-too-busy adult world, but revisiting your childhood can have the same effect. Exposure to the elaborate world of American Girl was the perfect way to end our summers and get us in the right mindset for the approaching school year.