Mason Jar Day is Thursday, November 30 — I bet you didn’t know that. I bet you also didn’t know all these great ways to use them, aside from just storing your jams and pickles. Either way, you’ll love all these great ways to utilize those old mason jars your grandma has lying around, or maybe you will be inspired to go out and buy some just to try some of these things. From recipes to storage, there are plenty of great ways you can use those nifty jars, and maybe you’ll be making something for National Mason Jar Day this year.

Overnight Oats

Did you know that instant oatmeal isn’t that good for you? The second ingredient on the nutrition label is sugar, or at least from what I’ve seen. As a result, I’ve always wanted to make my own oatmeal, and the best way to do that is mason jar overnight oats. The main ingredients from 3piecesofpecan are rolled oats and milk, either cow or plant-based. You can then add any other ingredients to customize your oatmeal, like brown sugar, chia seeds, or fruit. I’m a strawberry person myself. Let oats in a jar sit in the fridge overnight and you have oatmeal in the morning! Either eat it cold or warm it up, it’s up to you.


Mason jar cobbler is a quick easy dessert made with just a few ingredients in a smaller mason jar. You’re basically making mini individual cobblers rather than one big one, which can be preferable. With cobblers, you can use any fruit, which is the same with these jarred desserts. Try this peach white chocolate cobbler by pasha.chocolate on TikTok, or maybe this blackberry cobbler by Spinach Tiger

Cookie ingredients in a jar

Another great way to utilize mason jars is to make them into little gifts, perhaps for easy cookie-making? You simply put all the needed dry ingredients into a mason jar into packed distinguished layers like in this TikTok by mornings_on_macedonia to make a cute and useful present. You can use any recipe for this. All the person would have to do is add the wet ingredients and voila! You have cookie dough. Maybe even make it for yourself so you can make cookies in a snap in the future. It’s like meal prepping but for cookies.

Holding cupcake liners

This is a simple one, but mason jars are the perfect thing for holding cupcake liners. Just go ahead and pop them in, and then screw on the top. Now you no longer have to worry about losing your cupcake liners and they are all in one convenient place.


It turns out it’s possible to use mason jars in every step of the coffee-making process. If making warm coffee, you can use a coffee filter and hold that tight with the screw top of the mason jar, and then pour hot water over the grounds placed in the filter. If making iced coffee, you just mix water and coffee grounds, then let sit in the fridge until cold. You then screw on the coffee filter same as with the hot coffee, and pour it out of the mason jar and into another glass, maybe another mason jar. Easy coffee two ways.

Keeping fruit fresh

According to users on TikTok, you can put washed, dry fruit in tightly sealed mason jars in the fridge and it will keep your fruit fresher than another container. I might have to try this one too. I wonder if it works for vegetables…

Mason jar ice cream

You can literally make your own personal cup of ice cream. I’m not joking. All you need to do is add heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt, and then shake very very vigorously. Once it looks thick and creamy it goes into the freezer. You can add in things like fruit or cookies after shaking but before it goes into the freezer. It can even be your workout routine. Dumbbells who? Shaking mason jars to make ice cream sounds way better.