According to every day is a different National Food Holiday, which is basically an excuse to indulge in all your favorite foods. 

January 24th- National Peanut Butter Day 

A day dedicated to all things peanut butter. Peanut butter cups, pb & j, peanut butter cookies, or even just a spoonful right from the jar, if thats your thing. 

February 9th- National Pizza Day

Let's be honest, pizza should be celebrated everyday, but whether its thin crust, deep dish, or even with pineapple on top make sure you grab yourself a slice, or the whole pie and enjoy!

Dianna DelPrete

February 18th- National "Drink Wine" Day

Yep, that's right, a whole day dedicated to gods gift to this earth, wine. White, red, rosé, no preference, I'll take it all. 

March 23rd- National Chips and Dip Day

No better excuse than to throw a little get together than National Chips and Dip Day. This year I will be breaking out my favorite recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip. 

cheese, vegetable
Emma Randall

April 26th- National Pretzel Day

Good news! You no longer have to walk through the mall and resist getting one of the delicious, freshly baked pretzels. INDULGE, because today is all about that buttery and salty carb. Unless, you're one of those people that prefers hard pretzels, curl up on the couch with a bag and do not regret eating every last one down to the salt at the bottom of the bag. 

May 11th- National "Eat What You Want" Day 

As if I don't do this already, but for everyone else make May 11th one EPIC cheat day. 

June 4th- National Cheese Day 

Hello best day of the year. If you've never heard of this holiday I am sorry, but its time to make up for lost time... and my sincerest apologizes to everyone who is lactose intolerant. 

July 13th- National French Fry Day 

French Fries come in all shapes and sizes... and are all delicious. July 13th is a day to forget about that summer bod and enjoy the best way to eat a potato. 

August 19- National Soft-Serve Ice Cream Day 

Soft Serve Ice Cream simply screams summer (say that five times fast), which is why "coincidentally" this holiday is in August. 

Audrey Aucoin

September 18th- National Cheeseburger Day 

Cheeseburgers: a true American classic. From a greasy fast food burger to a high quality restaurant burger, they're all delicious in their own ways. 

October 17th- National Pasta Day 

Channel your inner Italian and cook up yourself some of this deliciousness: linguini, gnocchi, ravioli, tortellini... okay now I'm drooling. 

Audrey Aucoin

November 3rd- National Sandwich Day 

The day of panini's, deli, and whatever you consider a sandwich...unless you think a hot dog is a sandwich, but that is an argument for a later date. 

Dianna DelPrete

November 6th- National Nacho Day 

Nachos are a combination of some of the most delicious things... tortilla chips, cheese, guacamole, and I love it all. Currently counting down the days until November 6th. 

December 30th- National Bacon Day

We've taken bacon to the next level. It's is no longer just a breakfast food and people put that stuff on anything: doughnuts, baked potatoes, cupcakes, you name it, someone has probably done it. 

meat, fish, seafood, pork, barbecue
Christin Urso

So which ever holiday you're thinking about celebrating don't hold back, because it only comes around once a year!