Cooking vegan can be difficult for first timers, and you can forget trying to follow super long blog recipes if you don't already know what it means to fold, blanch, or pare.

However, vegan Youtube channels have our backs when it comes to learning how to prepare healthy, quick, and delectable vegan dishes.

Over the years these YouTubers have perfected the art of being inventive with plant-based cuisine, from making cheesecake out of cashews to KFC-style Tofu Chick'n. With this kind of skill, even omnivores will love these vegan videos.

1. Edgy Veg  

Based in Canada, Candice earned a special place in my heart after I found her playlist focusing on "veganizing" some of the most well-known fast food dishes. 

With an ever-growing amount of recipes, you can learn how to make vegan versions of Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out, and Taco Bell orders. She also makes many other foodstuffs like Pumpkin Spiced Doughnuts and Fondue.

2. Sweet Potato Soul

From classic American cuisine to international dishes, everything Jenné Claiborne makes is always healthy and packed with flavor. She has the video editing skills and style that any aspiring cooking YouTube star can look up to.  

From her own New York City apartment, Jenné's videos are somehow never visually boring or repetitive. 

Some of the videos on her channel include Jerk Jackfruit Tacos, Buddha Bowls, and Beet Brownies

3. Hot For Food

Another awesome channel from Canada, the couple Lauren and John have a channel full of dishes like crème brûléesamosas, and lasagna roll ups

Very rarely are they making foods that you see on every other vegan Youtube channel, and they have three ongoing series that viewers love their exclusive challenges, Recipe?! series, and 3 Easy Vegan X series. 

4. Peaceful Cuisine 

I had no idea how relaxing it could be to watch someone make dumplings or carrot ginger pound cake, but that's exactly what I found on this Japanese channel. 

It goes way beyond satisfaction videos, although his knife skills are quite satisfying. Ryoya combines peaceful music, film-quality production, and gentle movements to create his culinary videos.

What I truly appreciate about his channel is how he reminds us that cooking doesn't have to be stressful. Instead, we can use it as a time of self-love and relaxation.   

5. The Happy Pear

These high-energy, Irish twins are all about quick and delicious meals. With two pairs of hands, many are made in just 5 minutes. You may struggle to tell them apart, but we're really watching for the amazing food. 

Dave and Steve "want to make healthy eating mainstream, accessible & attractive," and they do exactly that with dishes like Tikka Masala, Flapjacks, and Milky Way Bars.

6. Cheap Lazy Vegan

As the channel name would suggest, Rose Lee specialized in easy and inexpensive vegan food. Talk about a college kid's dream! Recently she has started getting into meal prepping which not only helps you save money, but also reduces food waste

Her dishes stand out beyond the label of easy and cheap thanks to her showcasing of Korean style of cooking, despite the fact that she is a Canadian YouTuber (like many on this list).

Some of her most notable videos show you how to make Rice Burgers, Kimchi, and Soft Tofu Stew

7. Fablunch

Olga Bykina has the type of vegan Youtube channel where you don't even realize it's all vegan until you are at least a few videos in, which vegans and omnivores alike can appreciate.

She focuses on showing viewers how to make scrumptious, healthy meals with videos like how to perfectly bake sweet potatoes, 5 Easy Salad Dressings, and 3-Ingredient Nutella