Where are all my vegans and vegetarians?

Giving up meat and animal products doesn’t have to mean giving up your delicious, greasy late night drunk food. Suprisingly, fast food places are one of the easiest places to eat vegan.

I’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of vegan friendly fast food restaurants.

1. Chipotle


Photo by Michael Saechang

Chipotle makes it super easy to eat vegan, because as you go down the assembly line, you can simply opt out of meat, cheese, and sour cream. Try sofritas on your next burrito bowl and you will never go back.  Sofritas is tofu tossed in cumin, chipotle pepper and other glorious spices that will really add a kick to your meal. If you’re not feeling the sofritas or meat in your burrito bowl, you can get guacamole instead for FREE. That’s right, FREE.

2. Blaze Pizza


Photo by Anna Aran

Just like Chipotle, the assembly line structure of Blaze makes it easy to opt out of meat and cheese. Check out the menu to see what goodies you can top your pizza with.

#spoontip: If you’re feeling cheesy, no worries, Blaze has vegan cheese!

3. Casual Friday Donuts


Photo Courtesy of Casual Friday

Casual Friday offers both vegan and non-vegan donuts. The donuts are $1-3 , delicious, and enormous. They offer around 5 flavors of vegan donuts daily.

4. Taco Bell


Photo Courtesy of Taco Bell

Wait..what? Taco Bell has VEGAN options? Hell yes they do. Taco Bell has 26 vegan ingredients, including vegetarian beans. All you have to do in order to remove the animal products from a menu item, is ask for it ‘fresco’. ‘Fresco’ means all the cheese and creamy sauces will be replaced with Pico De Gallo.

5. Pita Pit


Photo Courtesy of Pita Pit

Pita Pit has some pretty killer non-meat options to bulk up your pita. They offer falafel or spicy black beans, as a replacement for meat. Take a look at the full menu here.

6. Aloha Island Grill


Some after work grub with the wifey?

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This menu is definitely meat heavy, however there are a few mouth-watering vegan options. Go for the stir fry veggies, or my personal favorite: the teriyaki portobello mushroom plate.

7. Subway


Photo Courtesy of Subway

A sandwich without meat or cheese? *gasp* I know it sounds crazy, but if you layer your Italian bread with crispy veggies and flavorful sauces, you’ll be rewarded with a cheaper price than many of the meat subs on the menu.