The time has come.

The happy couples in love, walking around with flowers and big balloons in the shape of hearts.

The fancy dinners, bottles of red wine, and reservations made three weeks in advance.

The parties for single people, who get together just to make sure that other single people are happy the way they are.

The time has come: It's almost Valentine's Day!

And I know you are worried about where to bring your date, what to buy them as a gift, and how to dress. Should you do something crazy, such as getting an appointment for couple's tattoos, or you better choose the less risky, but classic combo of dinner + a movie?

I'm not going to lie: I can't help you with about 80% of the aforementioned romantic issues. However, I can TOTALLY give you kick-butt ideas about gifts you can buy for your beau on this special day. 

Is your S.O. a gym addict? Do they like eating healthy? Are they interested in nutrition? Then this, my dear, is for you.

1. Nutribullet

Perfect for smoothies, soups, shakes, and juices.

Bonus: I love smoothie bowls. That's basically putting all your favorite ingredients for smoothie (papaya, banana, pineapple, berries, almond milk, vanilla, matcha) in your NutriBullet, pouring this health bomb into a bowl, and topping it with granola, nuts, shredded coconut and more fruits. Mm-mm! 

Amazon: $69.99   

2. FitBit 

A great way to track your steps, distance, calorie consumption, heart rate, and sleep. It also has 14 training modes and GPS service. Waterproof and super cool-looking. 

Amazon: $37.99 

3. The "Healthy Powder Kit" 

Matcha + Maca + Ground Ginger + Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Powder + Shaker = Best Protein Shake EVER!

Put all these goodies in a cute basket or a small gym bag, and you will remain in history as the best beau ever.

4. Gift Card for a Sports Store

Adidas : minimum of $25

Nike: minimum of $25

Lululemon Athletica: minimum of $50

JackRabbit : minimum of $20

Paragon : minimum of $25

5. Box of Personally Selected Protein Powders + Shaker

Recommended protein powder flavors:

Combat Powder: Mint Chocolate Chip

ISO-100: Gourmet Vanilla 

Whey-HD: Banana Marshmallow 

Protein Energy: Vanilla Latte

PRO GAINER: Rich Milk Chocolate 


6. An Annual Subscription for Fitness/Health Magazines

Some ideas: 

Women's/Men's Health



WebMD the Magazine 


7. Kettlebells 2.0

Kettlebells are super useful for building your upper and lower body strength. However, the trivial round shape and bright colors of the usual kettlebells are so cliche. Surprise your beau with something less traditional:

The Werewolf Legend Bell

Primal Kettlebells

Marvel Hero Elite Iron Man Kettlebell

8. Awesomely Delicious Box of Personally Selected Protein Bars

My suggestions:

3 Quest Bars: Mint Chocolate Crunch, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Supreme

3 ThinkThin Bars: Chunky Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream

3 Kind Bars: Double Dark Chocolate Nut, Almond Butter Breakfast Bar, Maple Cinnamon Protein

3 RXBars: Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry, Coffee Chocolate

9. Health Books

Check out the top 12 books about healthy eating

10. Kick-butt Workout-at-home Kit

You will need:

Yoga mat


Resistance bands

Awesome gym bag to put all in

11. Monthly Subscription to a Box of Delicious Healthy Snacks

Go to to learn more. 

12. Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Cooking

Vegetable Spiral Slicer

Multi-Cooker (Pressure Cooker, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Yogurt Maker) 

Food Containers: Bento Box StyleIndividual PortioningGlass Containers with Utensils 

I hope these ideas inspired you to find the best gift for your heathy gym-obsessed beau. Go spend some cash for your Valentine!