We've all heard about Hillary Clinton's leaked emails, as this issue is one of the hottest topics of the current election cycle. This stockpile of emails, courtesy of WikiLeaks, contains a lot of interesting information for us Americans to pick through, but we have very recently been blessed with the most useful tidbit to date. For everyone who has felt lost while making risotto, your salvation is here.

Hillary's campaign chair, John Podesta, is dropping knowledge on all of us with the most important tip of all: don't rush adding liquid to your risotto. According to him, you're striving for a "creamy consistency" and "you won't get that if you dump all that liquid at once." To celebrate this newfound enlightenment, try out your risotto chops on these Spoon recipes. Impress yourself and your friends when you turn out some truly presidential risotto. 

1. Creamy Spinach and Mushroom Risotto

pasta, vegetable
Vedika Luthra

This recipe may seem intimidating, but just follow it exactly, and you should get a restaurant-quality result. Like Podesta said, don't rush it. You can't rush perfection, and this risotto is no different.

2. Beet and Barley Risotto

vegetable, beet, salad, beet salad, cheese
Julie Kahng

When you just really want eat your superfoods, go for this recipe. The health factor from the beets and kale definitely counteracts the butter and cheese. Also, if you do it right, wine can be healthy. Can't lose with this one.

3. 3-Minute, No-Stir Risotto

sushi, rice, fish, seafood, salmon, shrimp, tuna
Sarah Strong

Hold on, 3-minute? What about what Hillary Clinton's campaign chair said? Well, looks like he's wrong in this situation. The secret ingredient in this recipe—a baking soda, salt, and water solution—cuts the cooking time down drastically. With all that time you have left over, you can try out Hillary's chocolate chip cookie recipe for dessert.

4. Vegetable Risotto

risotto, vegetable, corn, rice, pepper
Aly Sebold

Pretend it's still summer and make this vegetable-heavy risotto. It makes enough for you and all your friends, so make a party out of it and watch debate video clips while playing a debate drinking game. Pour one out for the future of America.

5. Shrimp Risotto with Spinach, Tomatoes, and Parmesan

shrimp, seafood, risotto, prawn
Jennifer Weintraub

Oh, you fancy, huh? Elevate the risotto game by adding some shrimp. Like other risottos, make sure to be patient, and you'll be rewarded with a delicious and Insta-worthy dish.

6. Chocolate Dessert Risotto

muesli, milk, sweet, berry, yogurt, strawberry, dairy, granola, cream
Clarisse Callahan

It seems a little out there, but you gotta give it a try. Who says rice is just for dinner? Enter a whole new world of risotto for dessert. With coconut milk, chocolate, and almonds, this is basically an Almond Joy in a bowl. That couldn't possibly be anything but delicious.

7. Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango

sweet, rice, vegetable, mango, dairy product
Kendra Valkema

One more for my sweet tooth people out there. Sticky rice has its roots in Thai cuisine, and if you haven't tried it, you're missing out. This sticky rice and almost rice pudding-like risotto hybrid is a perfect way to get your tropical fix.