Contrary to today's date, Halloween season has officially arrived. The grocery store aisles are decked out with orange-cream-filled Oreos, snack-size Snickers and Twix, and, of course, Pillsbury Halloween cookies with their iconic ghost and pumpkin shapes. Both scrumptious and easy to make, these little dough balls can even be made in the air fryer. Just make sure not to leave them in too long or you might end up with a ghost-stamped crouton, instead. If you're looking for a way to take these simple sugar cookie shapes and make them even more festive for a Halloween dinner party or a dorm room get-together, we've got you covered. These easy recipes from TikTok will upgrade your Pillsbury Halloween cookies from great to greatest. 

1. Cookie Cheesecake Crust

This cookie cheesecake from @thesqueakymixer has us absolutely drooling. Switch out our graham cracker crumbs in favor of little ghost or pumpkin cookie dough cut-outs. Then, add in your preferred cheesecake mixture, whether that's the recipe from this TikTok or the pre-made Philadelphia cheesecake filling. Top your cake with some Pillsbury cookies, and you are ready to serve, literally, 

2. Brookies

Sometimes a brownie or cookie as is simply isn't enough, and you need to craft the hallowed "brookie." All you need is your brownie mix of choice and your Pillsbury Halloween cookie shape of choice. Make your brownie mix according to package instructions, and then place brownies in the oven, but do not bake all the way. Halfway through the baking process, add the raw cookie dough on top of the batter, then finish baking through. I think this would pair perfectly with a nice mid-day espresso shot, TBH. 

3. 2-Layer Cookies

This cookie hack had an utter chokehold on Halloween fans in 2022, and it is arriving back in style for 2023. Just pick up your favorite pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough at the store, as well as some Pillsbury Halloween cookies. Add in your chocolate chip cookie dough chunks onto a baking sheet, bake for five minutes according to package instructions, then add your Halloween sugar cookies on top, and finish the baking process. You'll have a yummy, sugary treat to serve at your Halloween party or snack on during your Nightmare On Elm Street re-watch. 

4. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Add in your favorite ice cream in between two Pillsbury Halloween cookies or 2-layer cookies and you'll have a delicious ice cream sandwich. Bonus points if you use a seasonal fall ice cream flavor. 

5. Cookie Halloween Cupcakes

Go above and beyond a standard cupcake by adding some Pillsbury Halloween cookie flair. Add in the raw Halloween cookie dough into the bottom of a cupcake liner, top off with your preferred cupcake batter mixture, and bake according to the cake instructions. Top off with some spooky frosting and a pumpkin or ghost cookie, and you will impress your friends in no time.