It's not just a breakfast food – it's so much more. My fascination with the strange and wonderful uses of bacon started with a cupcake topped with bacon. I wondered how anyone ever thought that bacon would pair well with such a sweet concoction. Whoever thought up the combination should be commended for their incredible innovation, because for some reason the sweet and salty works

Chefs did not stop with bacon cupcakes. Bacon has proven time and time again to be totally universal by its inclusion in dishes where no one would think it belonged. Sometimes, like in a cupcake, the combination works. However, sometimes our experimental side gets ahead of us and we end up with a bacon dish that is more strange than wonderful. I'm letting you know where bacon fits just right and where it just might not belong.

1. Bacon Cupcakes

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Meghan Buonanno

Bacon cupcakes an iconic mixture of flavors. Usually a combination of maple and candied bacon, these cupcakes are the perfect way to get in a bit of protein after dinner. You can make them at home, or if you're looking to splurge, visit your local bakery and see if they have a bacon cupcake.  

2. Bacon-Wrapped Oreos

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This one is a bit of a stretch. People have always loved to experiment with Oreos, but the new trend of making Bacon-Fried Oreos may be a bit over the top. But hey, to each his own.

3. Bacon Jam 

Meghan Buonanno

Forget about getting blueberry or raspberry jam for your toast. Bacon jam is the new normal. You can make it in the comfort of your own home, or pick some up at the nearest Trader Joe's. This jam fits with almost anything, but make sure to try it on the a delicious burger or on top of toast. 

4. Bacon Taco Shells

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This next bacon use takes advantage of the fact that bacon can double as an arts and crafts project. More specially, it weaves. This taco shell creation may not leave your stomach feeling great hours later, but it seems impossible that tacos and bacon—two fundamentally delicious foods—would't go well together. Plus, you can impress your friends with your artistic skills. 

5. Bacon Sushi

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This new use of bacon is completely versatile based on what you put inside. You can fill your bacon sushi with eggs, and call it a breakfast, or wrap it up with meat and cheese and make it a lunch or dinner.

Now, considering these types of "sushi" lack most of the food's normal ingredients, a purist may prefer a traditional nori and fish roll that is wrapped in bacon. Either way, bacon has worked its way into one of the world's most beloved foods. 

6. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are the epitome of salty and sweet. Bacon is just one way to take your classic chocolate chip cookies to the next level. I just wish I had some when I was studying for midterms. 

Every day, people are coming up with new and creative uses for bacon. Whether or not it ends up tasting good is another story. But don't be afraid to keep experimenting.