Chances are if you're reading this you like food. And the opportunities to have great food are pretty much excluded to when the parents visit your school and dinner's on them. Whether you've never been to a Michelin starred restaurant and are curious about what it's like, or are already a high-class culinary fiend, Try the World boxes are for you. 

Try the World is a box subscription service like Graze, Mouth, and Mantry that delivers food to you, but it's different in the sense that each box is curated by a Michelin-starred chef. The current holiday box is put together by Thomas Raquel, the pastry chef of three Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bernadin

Austin Hake

The holiday box has items from Italy, South Africa, Taiwan, France, Israel, and Sweden, though they usually theme a new box each month after a country. 

The best part is that like all box subscriptions, they give great deals to get you to sign up. If you play it right, you can get one, or maybe two free boxes with free shipping for about $30. And you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

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Austin Hake

If you're like me, and thought all Italians ate spaghetti and meatballs, and General Tso's Chicken was a thing in China, then this is a great way to understand the culinary trends of different countries. They explain the relevance of each item and the current free box you get when you sign up is Italy.

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Each box has about six items, though the holiday box has eight, and they have recommended recipes to follow for each product. A lot of them make easy and interesting snacks if you're having a small party. 

Austin Hake

The boxes are put together by Michelin-starred chefs, and the ingredients are sourced directly from featured countries. They ensure authenticity and quality of the products. 

Some foods I got were Jaboticaba jam, Parana coffee, and churrasco spice from Brazil. The other box had Piri Piri hot sauce, codfish seasoning, and pear jam from Portugal.

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Austin Hake

Each box has a "culture guide" as well that teaches you about the history and relevance of a particular item. It also gives suggestions on what to serve it with. 

tea, coffee, beer
Austin Hake

By using these boxes, you get a great glimpse of what cuisines in other countries are like, see what Michelin-starred chefs draw on for inspiration, and have the opportunity to try new foods. It's a great deal and there is still time before you come back from break to grab one of these for a foodie friend