Foodies love artisanal foods, that’s a fact. But usually getting such food involves having to get dressed and out the door, and, let’s be real sometimes that’s just not what you want to do on a Saturday morning. But what if you could get things like honey macadamia pretzel pops and Tennessee dry-cured bacon delivered right to your door step? You don’t even have to set a reminder in your iCal to reorder every month. All you have to do is muster the will to open the box… and that really won’t be too hard.

1. Treatsie

Missing grandma’s homemade brownies? No worries, Treatsie has you covered. They’ve got peanut butter bites, lemon sugar cookies and more. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

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2. Naturebox

Feeling guilty about all that cake you ate last week but still want a yummy snack? Naturebox will send you plenty of healthy, yummy snacks such as carrot strawberry fruit chews or Southern BBQ sunflower kernels.

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3. Skoshbox

Want Japanese snacks but don’t want to spend 15 hours on a plane to get there? No worries, Skoshbox will bring Japan right to your door step!

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4. Mexican Candy in a Box

Want to experience snacks from South of the border? Sign up for this box of Mexican candy!

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5. Mantry

A subscription box with monthly themed items that guys would love to see their kitchen filled with. The artisan quality food ranges from sauces, jerky, bacon (the classics) to even chocolate.

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6. Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club

Wake up and smell the gourmet bacon…delivered right your doorstep.

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7. Tyler Florence Fancy Box

For the more proactive folks out there, instead of getting delicious food delivered right to your doorstep, Tyler Florence will deliver kitchen tools, recipe books, and key ingredients to help deliver inspiration every month.

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8. Taste Guru

Gluten-free friends fear not! Here’s a subscription box for you. Taste Guru sends a variety of different foods, from roasted seaweed to cranberry maple nut granola, all with the underlying promise that all items are gluten-free!

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9. Watanut

For the health nut: Watanut will send you four different trail mixes each month so you can mix and match between flavors like peanut butter jelly and piña colada.

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10. The Cravory: Cookie of the Month Club

Never tried pancake and bacon cookies? What about rosemary balsamic cookies? Cookie fanatics can get all this and more delivered right to your dorm room each month! Yum.

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11. Mystery Chocolate Box

The anticipation while you are opening your box isn’t enough for you? Want to experience food-style charades? The Mystery Chocolate Box sends you three chocolate bars a month with their wrappers pre-removed…so your first bite is always a surprise!

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