If I had a penny for every time I DM'd a food photo to a friend on Instagram, I'd be able to afford all the food I'm DM'ing. My feed largely consists of videos of chocolate lava cake and pictures of colorful acai bowls. Unfortunately, following so many food Instagrams makes it tough to find posts from people I actually know. Sorting through the sweet and savory to find foodstagrams worth the follow can seem daunting. Read below to find the absolute musts for main food cravings.

1. @cheesebynumbers 

Spring means picnics, and @cheesebynumbers is all the inspiration you need for the ultimate spread. In addition to suggesting a variety of cheese and snack combos, every post includes a step-by-step how-to on arranging the perfect platter. Let’s be honest, did a cheese spread even happen if it wasn't pretty enough to show off on the 'gram?  

2. @icecreambae

You might be lactose intolerant. You might not even be a sweets person. But this feed will instantly give you the urge to grab that lonely pint of Ben and Jerrys sitting in your freezer and finish it in one sitting (so...beware). From over-the-top ice cream sundaes to plain chocolate cones, you might as well just get all your friends to follow @icecreambe now so you don't have to send them 1000 DM's. 

3. @funwithfries

Whether it's 2am or 2pm, are you ever not craving french fries? Basic cheese fries will make an appearance on @funwithfries from time to time, but keep an eye out for true food porn with loaded bacon and chicken tender chili fries. A fun game to play with friends? Count how many posts it takes before you start drooling. 

4. @sushimode

Surprisingly, one of the toughest decisions I had to make for this list was a sushigram. With so much aesthetically pleasing fresh fish out there, I had to do a deep dive to find the best page. I can now confidently assure you that @sushimode is where you want to turn for your daily fill of spicy tuna rolls and salmon nigiri. The extremely satisfying sushi arrangements look more like artwork then food and will leave you craving sushi every meal of the day .  

5. @burgerorder

Burgers may not seem like the most photogenic food, but trust me when I say that @burgerorder is an account you need to be following. Its feed will provide you with the ultimate burger pics consisting of multiple layers of meat, cheese and other toppings that turn the innocent burger into a behemoth. These creations are so big and gooey, it's hard to look away. This 'gram more than any other is gonna make you want to see these things in person. 

6. @pizza

With the literal instagram handle @pizza, this feed has claimed their superiority over all pizza-grams and rightfully so. For the thin crust lovers to the deep dish fans and everyone in between, @pizza will make sure to provide the best quality pizza content on the daily. Its photos capture the perfect #cheesepull and show love to every topping, giving you all you need when your in the mood for some 'za. 

7. @junk.food

If you really care about maintaining that follow ratio, @junk.food saves the day by giving you all the deepest fried, cheesiest, sugariest foods one place. Between the fried mac and cheese bites pictured above and nutella stuffed churros, each post becomes more difficult to take your eyes off of. Just stalking its feed will make you feel like you've gained 10 pounds, but its no doubt some of the best quality food photography on instagram. 

8. @delicioushealthyvideos

When you start to feel yourself getting a virtual sugar rush from an overload of donuts and fries, @delcioushealthyvideos helps switch up your feed with some instagram-worthy fruits and veggies. Daily DIY recipes are perfect for anyone who wants to eat well but needs guidance on meal prep. Even if you're not a "health guru" or a big cook, I assure you these videos will make it easy to whip up these healthy but still delicious meals.  

9. @noodleworship

@noodleworship showcases submissions from its 340k followers, with users from around the world sending the best noodle and pasta dishes straight to your feed. The handle covers everything from ravioli to ramen and the quality of the photos is the best I've seen. Give it a follow and I guarantee that all of the noodle lovers out there will be drooling from just one look at their home page. 

10. @dessert__lover

Sweet tooth or not, you can't look at the picture above and tell me you're not dying for a bite. These sweets are unlike any dessert creations you've seen before and add a new dimension of fun to your feed. If your seeking cheat day inspiration, stalk @dessert__lover and you'll be running to your nearest bakery or ice-cream shop soon enough. 

Of course, no matter your craving is, nothing beats @spoonnu when it comes to food instagrams (#subtle #plug). Photographed (and eaten) by college kids for college kids, you'll never regret giving us a follow and we promise to not disappoint.