There’s been many tips, suggestions, and hacks to help avoid crying while cutting onions, from freezing the onion to wearing swim goggles. Unfortunately, none of these hacks are entirely foolproof, and it's often a race against time to keep your composure.

Luckily, you can wipe your tears because TikTok is once again coming in clutch with a killer food hack for chopping onions in no time — with no tears.

The original video by user @epluche_tout, which has 25 million views, shares a new easy hack for slicing onions.

First, the account user pokes a fork deep into a fully peeled onion, then rests one hand on the fork to hold the onion in place.

Next, they slide a potato peeler back and forth across the top of the onion to create whole slices. Alternatively, you can slice on a slanted angle starting at the onion’s corner to yield the half moon slices seen in the video.

Not only is this hack far faster, but it also requires touching the onion far less. Less onion touching equals less chance of touching your eyes and stinging. And because you barely need to touch the onion, you won't be washing your hands for days trying to get rid of that onion smell.

Thanks to @epluche_tou, you can slice (or peel?) your onions way faster than with a chopping knife, and there’s no tears left to cry in the kitchen.