There’s no doubt that TikTok has taken the world by storm in the past few months. No matter how hard you may have tried to avoid it, there’s a high chance you know the dances to Savage and Renegade or you’ve followed the drama in the Hype House a *bit* more than you’d like to admit. Nonetheless, it turns out that TikTok has more to offer than just dancing teenagers—it’s *actually* produced some of the hottest food and drink trends of the summer. From expert chefs to inventive home cooks, many have jumped on the app to share their unique hacks with the world, and the results are incredible.

These TikTok food hacks have undoubtedly upped my cooking game, and the best part is — almost all of the tricks can be made in a microwave and require less than five ingredients, making them totally dorm room friendly! Maybe, just maybe, it's time to take a break from dancing alone in your bedroom and head to your kitchen. After all, we don’t know how much longer TikTok will be around, and these culinary creations are not to be missed out on.

1. Pancake Cereal 

Pancake cereal combines two of the best breakfast foods out there, which is probably the reason why it’s one of the most popular TikTok food hacks. The recipe is simple: You make your pancake batter as you normally would, but instead of ladling it onto a pan, you pour the batter into a squeeze bottle or zip-lock piping bag, which will allow you to fry them up into cereal-sized pancake dots. Once the pancake cereal is cooked, most Tokers put it into a bowl and drizzle with maple syrup or butter before pouring in a bit of milk and enjoying their creation with a spoon. Try out this recipe, and you’ll never have to choose between pancakes and cereal for breakfast again. #SpoonTip: take your cereal up a notch by adding food coloring to your batter for the ultimate rainbow cereal experience. Lucky Charms, who?!

2. Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee is a prime example of what makes TikTok food hacks so special. At first glance, it sounds like a simple latte flipped around, but the taste is something you would have never imagined. To make Dalgona coffee, you whisk 2tbsp instant coffee with 2tbsp sugar and 2tbsp water. This next step is key — you want to whisk it until the texture resembles that of a really creamy nut butter. So if you’re not looking for a bicep workout, I recommend using an electric mixer. Next, you simply pour your milk of choice into a glass or mug (Dalgona Coffee can be enjoyed hot or iced!) and top the milk with your whipped coffee mixture. Trust me, you’ll never want to drink your coffee any other way. All I’m wondering now is when Starbucks will add Dalgona Coffee to their menu…

3. 2-Ingredient Oreo Cake

We’ve all experienced it. It’s late at night and you’re craving baked goods, but you don’t have the time, energy or supplies to make anything that will sufficiently fulfill your desires at the moment. This is when the magical TikTok Oreo Cake comes in. It’s a single serving, takes less than two minutes to make, and calls for only two ingredients (both of which you probably already have in your kitchen). To make this cake, you take a handful of Oreo cookies (most TikTokers use around four to five) and put them in a mug. Next, pour some milk into the mug so that it’s about halfway full, and crush the Oreo milk mixture into a pastey “batter” with a fork. Simply microwave the mug for about a minute and a half and *boom* TikTok has worked its magic yet again — leaving you with the ultimate cookies and cream dream cake (that in my opinion, would only be further enhanced with a scoop of vanilla ice cream). #SpoonTip: This Oreo cake can easily be made vegan using non-dairy milk!

4. Lemon Squeezer Hack

The next life-changing piece of foodie advice I’ve found through TikTok is really more of a food hack than a recipe, nevertheless, it’s revolutionized my cooking game. I can’t even count the times I’ve found myself without a lemon juicer, and been forced to pick out pesky seeds with my hands. But once again, my fellow TikTokers are here to save the day. Turns out that all you need to juice a lemon is a wooden skewer. Poke the skewer through the long end of the lemon all the way to the opposite end until you can pull it through. Then using your hands, squeeze your lemon. The juice shoots out seamlessly, with no seeds in sight. *Double taps.*

5. Mac & Cheese In a Mug 

Who’s got time to boil water these days? If you’re as lazy as I am and craving mac and cheese, this TikTok recipe is perfect for you. All you need is your pasta of choice, water, milk, cheese and salt and in less than five minutes, you’ll be left with the most perfect mac and cheese. Start by putting ½ cup of pasta into a mug and add just enough water to cover the pasta. Throw in a pinch of salt and microwave for two to three minutes (the water may overflow a bit, that’s totally normal!). Once the pasta is tender, add in about 3tbsp of whatever milk you have on hand, along with around ¼ cup of your favorite cheese (or as I would do, just measure that cheese with your heart ;)). Throw it back in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until the cheese is melted and your mac is as gooey as ever. The best part of this mac hack is that it can be completely adjusted to your preferences. Lactose intolerant or vegan? You can easily substitute dairy free milk and cheese. Not to mention, the ingredients really don’t need to be measured out, and you can make as much or as little mac as your tummy desires. Sorry Kraft, your mac may be easy, but TikTok just upped the game.

If the dances, drama and memes haven’t quite drawn you into the trance of TikTok yet, there’s a good chance that one of these recipes will. If you test any of these TikTok food hacks out for yourself, make sure to post the results on Instagram and tag us @SpoonUniversity!