Easter is supposed to be that time of year when consuming an abundance of sweets in a non-romantic way is considered "chill," but what happens when you're broke and when your own parents/legal guardians "forgot" to send some form of an Easter basket? You have two options. A) rely on your dining hall; I know I know this might sound barf-worthy since café food is always bad, but it's not something to rule out, or B) stock up on inexpensive goodies from your local retailer. You might swear that the $95 in your bank account is enough to last you throughout life, but it's not... trust me. On that note, here's how you can still celebrate Easter while keeping your bank account in the positive.


Loacker sells wafers at stores on legitimately every single corner known to mankind. They're best known for their Quadratini, their 45g Classic Wafer, and their Gran Pasticceria Tortina. The difference between the three would be as follows: 

The Quadratini consists of tiny little cube square things that come in several flavors, such as Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon. Loacker's 45g Classic Wafer consists of wafer fingers, also in flavors such as Hazelnut, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Lemon. Finally, Gran Pasticceria Tortina is crème that's smushed in between two whole crispy wafers that involve a chocolate shell. Such chocolatey flavors include Original, White, and Dark Chocolate.


Just in time for Easter, Welch's came out with some limited-edition fruit snacks, aptly called Easter Fruit Snacks. Entailed in the array of new snacks is fruit snacks in the shapes of chicks, eggs, flowers, and bunnies. Each box of fruit snacks retails for $4.99 online at Target and is the perfect egg-hunting stuffer... or bedside snack for those moments when you want to feel festive but don't want to do all of the work that it takes in order to be festive. 

Tipsy Scoop

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Zara Toh

 Tipsy Scoop serves boozy ice cream and is meant for those that are 21 and over. With the current state of the weather, it's kinda, you know, hot outside... and unless I'm going to be at the beach, I'd rather not go outside. While Tipsy Scoop currently doesn't have any limited edition flavors for Easter, their sundaes and their pints can certainly make your Easter somewhat tolerable.

This list may be short, but it is very very sweet. The thing with Easter is that it's on a Sunday, and the vast majority of people reading this will probably spend the day sleeping and or brunching. Therefore, that doesn't necessarily leave a lot of time in the day to partake in the act of snacking, now does it? Didn't think so. Grab a couple of these sweet treats to enjoy for this Easter Sunday.