We've all experienced that after-Easter chocolate high. And we've all seen too many Easter treat rankings. This list is tried-and-true. I'll let you know which Easter chocolate you really want to find hiding in your shoe weeks after Easter has passed.

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Kathryn Donati

Today we're diving into not only the classic Easter treats, but some new ones you can't pass up in the candy aisle. 

Lindt Chocolate Bunny

102/365 Bunnies like carrots

photoverulam on Flickr

Does this really need an explanation? This is the original chocolate bunny (sort of). I have to admit, there's something extremely satisfying about biting into hollow chocolate bunny-ears. It never gets old.

Lagusta's Luscious Milk Chocolate Marble Eggs

There's no need to pass up Easter chocolate just because you're vegan. This company does its best to use local, organic and fair-trade products whenever possible. Not only is their company mission amazing, you'll want to devour all of their Easter treats. Their peanut butter mousse, milk/white/dark chocolate, and English Cream eggs don't disappoint.

Cadbury Creme Egg

Creme Egg

rightee on Flickr

This is for all the people who would rather have the original creme egg. Not only is the Cadbury chocolate shell delicious, but the sickeningly sweet goo is irreplaceable. Try putting these in a brownie if you happen to have leftovers (or give them to me.)

Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

Jamiesrabbits on Flickr

These taste exactly like a Reese's peanut butter cup, but because they're egg-shaped, they taste even better. Peanut butter and chocolate is the ultimate combination. If you're a fan of these, check out Reese's latest Easter edition: Reese's Pieces Carrot Bags.

Mini Eggs

365, Chocolate theme....Cadbury's mini eggs

Andrea_44 on Flickr

It would be crazy to make a list like this without including Mini Eggs. These are a fan favourite and are always on the table at Easter. We're not complaining. I bet there's never any extras either.

Robin Eggs

Robin Eggs

terren in Virginia on Flickr

If you're a fan of Malteasers (or Whoppers, depending on what side of the argument you're on), these are the festive version. These crunchy eggs are perfect to chew on when you've had enough chocolate but still want a tiny taste. 

Easter Candy Corn

Easter Candy Corn

ewan traveler on Flickr

If we're going to be politically correct, this is actually called pastel candy corn, but we're going to throw some Easter spirit in. This weird concoction made up of mostly sugar is either loved or hated. Personally, I'm obsessed, and I feel bad for all the candy corn haters.

Spring Oreos

Oreo Cookies

JeepersMedia on Flickr

These are the one kind of Oreos I'll actually eat. First of all, these are "double stuf" which means you have more yummy icing than dry cookie. Plus, yellow-dye always makes things taste better, right?

Basic Chocolate Eggs

Easter eggs

Thomas Rousing Photography on Flickr

These were probably the eggs you hunted for around the house as a child. These are childhood memories wrapped in foil.

Hershey's Carrot Cake Kisses

Emily Coppella

This recent release is definitely here to stay. These are so good I'd probably choose them over a slice of real carrot cake. The chocolate-y shell has that warm, nutty flavour and the middle tastes exactly like cream cheese icing. You'll be devouring these for many more Easters to come.

No matter how you eat your Easter treats, I won't be judging you. Try making some creative mash-ups if you have any leftover candy after the bunny has hopped on. Just pass on the peeps for me, please.