Cauliflower is having a moment right now. With its mild flavor and health benefits, cauliflower has been marketed as a replacement for rice, pizza crust, and even gnocchi pasta. While most of these can be bought in grocery stores like Trader Joe's, there are also plenty of recipes that let you transform cauliflower on your own. In fact, there are so many different ways to eat the vegetable that you can eat it for every meal in a different way, using the cauliflower recipes below.

Breakfast: Four Ingredient Blueberry-Peanut Smoothie Bowl 

Pazit Schrecker

Cauliflower might not be the first thing to come to mind when making a smoothie, but the serving of frozen cauliflower in this vegan smoothie is basically undetectable. It's easy, delicious, and a great way to get in some vegetables in the morning.

Lunch: "Buffalo" Cauliflower Tacos

No matter what the instagram hashtag tells you, tacos aren't just for Tuesdays. They're easy, enjoyed by most, and you can fill them with basically anything, like this delicious buffalo cauliflower. Add in some avocado, lettuce, and red cabbage to round out the meal. You can use whatever type of tortillas are your favorite and even make your own out of cauliflower if you want (only slightly overkill).

Snack: Cauliflower Hummus 

rice, vegetable, meat, pork
Emma Lally

If you're like me and tend to eat many times a day, you probably need another snack before dinner. This garlicky cauliflower hummus is the answer. Just chop up some carrots or cucumbers and enjoy dipping (or just use a spoon)! 

Dinner: Baked "General Tso's" Cauliflower 

Pazit Schrecker

General Tso's chicken is a staple of American Chinese takeout food and this version using oven roasted cauliflower means that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the dish as well. It pairs well with any rice, but I think sticky rice and baked tempeh are a great way to go. Make sure to add some extra sesame seeds on top if you want to feel fancy.

Dessert: Cauliflower Chocolate Pudding

Yes, cauliflower for dessert. This creamy chocolate dessert is made with 3 cups of cauliflower, in case you want to eat more vegetables after dinner. Top it with berries, chocolate chips, or coconut shreds to vary the texture of this sweet and healthy dessert. 

There are a lot of unique ways to enjoy cauliflower. Hopefully now it's more clear how versatile it is. If not, you can check out even more creative cauliflower recipes here.