If I'm being honest, marshmallow candies have never been my jam. Maybe it's because I had braces back in the day, and for approximately six years, lived a very careful life. Those soft, sticky pieces are a metal mouth's perfect enemy. But now, being the straight-toothed stunna that I am (lol kidding), I'm down to try more stuff, like Peeps. Your mom will probably send you some Peeps around Easter, and this spring season, she'll have eight new flavor options to choose from. 

That's right! According to TODAY, Peeps dropped eight new flavors: three ~mystery~ flavors, sour cherry, Neapolitan with chocolate and strawberry filling, lemon sherbet dipped in fudge, orange sherbet dipped in fudge, and pancakes & syrup. All eight sound like I'm gonna need to try them, but especially the pancakes & syrup. WHAT?!

The three mystery flavors are currently being sold exclusively at Walmart as Mystery #1, Mystery #2, and Mystery #3. They each look like plain white marshmallow peeps, but definitely pack a different punch. Some on social media are speculating flavors to be everything from root beer, lemonade, and sour watermelon, to bubblegum, Sour Punch Straws, and grape Tylenol. Let's assume it's not the last.  

You can take your own guess at the flavors and share your guess on social media with @PEEPSBrand using #mysterypeeps. However, this isn't like the Oreo mystery contest where there was a cash prize for those who guessed correctly. It's just for fun and getting to tell your brother you were right, which is what we're all looking forward to doing on Easter, amirite? 

Photo courtesy of PEEPS brand

You can find the Sour Cherry Peeps in most grocery stores, and the Pancakes & Syrup Peeps at Kroger. And as for those Neapolitan-filled and chocolate-dipped Peeps, you can get those at the real MVP, Target. 

If you gave up sweets for Lent, good for you. You go Glen Coco! But maybe still get to the store and stock up now, because come Easter time, you're gonna wanna feast on these new flavors.