Oreo has come out with basically every flavor known to mankind in the past few years, from Oreos-Flavored to Birthday Cake, and I'm pretty much obsessed with all of them. The people at Oreo must clearly know that I'm addicted because they're coming out with a new flavor. 

Here is everything you need to know the new Mystery Oreo flavor and the crazy twist behind it. 

It's Mysterious AF

Oreo is literally not telling anyone what this flavor is, and I'm shook about it. The wrapper gives no indication of the composition of the cookie, and the nutrition facts (140 per two cookies) are on par with the average flavored Oreo, so basically, that's no help.

I'm getting some major Mystery Airhead flavor vibes from this promo, and I'm truly hoping that the taste is more clear than it is for that baby, because I honestly could not tell you what the Mystery Airhead tastes like. 

Things Are Getting Even Crazier

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Kelly Ho

Oreo is supposedly making this new flavor even more irresistible with a freaking cash prize. The first person to correctly name Oreo's Mystery Flavor wins $50,000. Yep, that's almost a year of tuition at my school (SOS pray for me/why is college so expensive??).

If you're thinking in price of Oreos, that could buy you 11,655 family size (1 lb) containers of Oreos, which is a LOT of creamy center (the best part, obvi). 

How Soon Can I Try These Oreos? 

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Torey Walsh

Oreo has not officially confirmed the release of this new flavor, but the pretty legit food breaking news Instagram @thejunkfoodaisle believes that the new flavor is coming soon. Once you see these babies, you gotta jump on them fast so that you can have a chance to win the $50K. 

Until the Oreo Mystery Flavor is released, you can join me in guessing exactly what this flavor is gonna be. My bet is that Oreo is just trolling us, and the mystery flavor will just be the OG Oreo.