I probably go to Starbucks more than any normal person should. (I'm often there at least three times before noon, and that's when I get a decent night's sleep). My addiction to Starbucks has led to an increasingly complicated order, but it's because I know what I want, right? I recently started experiencing some order-insecurity about my Venti, unsweetened, extra ice, two Stevia Passion Iced Tea, but recently I came across some orders on Reddit that put my order to shame.  

Here are truly some of the worst drinks that have ever been ordered at Starbucks, according to baristas. 

The Protein Shake

chocolate, flour, coffee, ice
Malia Budd

"We also had a customer every day who ordered a grande chocolate smoothie in a venti cup with 2 scoops of vanilla bean, 3 scoops of protein powder, 2 pumps of coconut, and a packet of oatmeal blended in."

Yeah, that may just be Chad from "The Bachelor" because I literally cannot think of anyone else who would be so extra about their protein consumption. I'm also not gonna touch the oatmeal because, um, what? 

Sweetened AF

"25 pump classic, 10 pump vanilla, 10 pump raspberry .... TALL ... passion tea. sigh my girlfriend has a problem." 

According to the comments, this drink would consist of "11.25 oz of syrup and .75 oz of passion tea," which has me wondering, is this even a drink anymore? 

Too Much Matcha? 

matcha, green tea, herb, vegetable
Sam Jesner

"Venti 7 pump vanilla soy 12 scoop matcha 180 degree NO FOAM green tea latte. The no foam was made very clear by the customer telling the till partner about 6 times and me about 6 times as well." 

I used to order my drinks Kid's Temp, so I would legit die at a 180 degree latte, and that is a very serious order. I'm wondering how green that drink got with all that matcha

Caffeine Overload

mocha, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Jocelyn Hsu

"One time I had a customer order 20 shots of espresso in a cup and sit down at 6 am, drank it all, then left." 

This is my finals vibe times 10, and I'm low key worried about this person's health because that's a lot of espresso.

Like Guac, It's Extra

chocolate, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, cocoa, coffee
Alyssa Godek

"25 pump iced chai ... she pretty much wanted the syrup over ice. It was nasty, then she got angry when we charged her for extra chai." 

Girl, I get charged for a pump of SF Vanilla in my Blonde Roast, so yes, you are gonna get charged for an extra 20 pumps in your Chai. 

Flavor Overload

sweet, cream, chocolate, cappuccino, milk, espresso, coffee
Kristine Mahan

"Grande 2 pump peppermint soy no water chai, Zen and Refresh tea bag, extra caramel ... I considered sampling it but couldn't bring myself to take the risk." 

Honestly, I don't even want to know what this would taste like. 

What Type of Milk? 

Mason Jar Drinks, mason jar, iced matcha lattee, iced latte, iced tea, matcha latte, matcha, green tea, vegetable, milk, herb, smoothie
Julia Gilman

"Venti Half Caff, 3 1/3 shots long, 6 pump chai, 3 pump vanilla spice, half lactose/half soy, 190 degree green tea misto."

I get that some people need to order milk alternatives for dietary reasons (no one wants to end up like this), but half real and half soy milk just doesn't make sense. 

The 20/20? 

cake, espresso, chocolate, coffee
Jessica Mickelson

"Grande in a venti cup (ugh) 20 pump vanilla, 20 pump hazelnut (or as she says "20/20" - always says it, expecting us to know what that is, like it's an actual thing), whole milk, 190 degree, add whip, and extra caramel drizzle latte." 

I still cannot get over the fact that she thinks people should know what she means by the 20/20 part. 

This Ain't Coffee

juice, honey, cider, apple
Morgan Nielsen

"Tall caramel macchiato with 15 pumps, half a shot, and extra caramel drizzle. Talk about pure sugar in a cup slightly milked down. Gross." 

I honestly just don't get the point of this beverage. Please just order hot milk with caramel sauce because you're not coming to play with half a shot. 

So basically, don't feel bad about your Starbucks order, because these are truly some of the worst drinks of all time. I mean, I highly doubt yours is worse, unless you're ordering 50 pumps of pumpkin spice in your latte.