When you order your drink at Starbucks, you expect a correct and quickly prepped drink. It most likely will have your name spelled wrong, but whatever, you can deal. But that didn't happen for one man: Demit Strato. He went to Starbucks in NYC this past week, and his experience has left the world demanding justice for Demit. 

Basically, Demit went to Starbucks for a Venti Iced Coffee with Soy Milk, and they gave him regular milk. It's actually a big deal because Demit is lactose intolerant, and this milk swap left him on the toilet for hours. Strato left a scathing review on the Starbucks Facebook page, and the Internet erupted. 

"I'm writing this from the comfort OF MY TOILET." Straight freaking savage. I am now writing all my Yelp reviews in this manner. 

The (Social Media) Explosion

This post literally blew up with over 139k likes and 59k comments before Demit deleted it. The most horrifying part of it all is that Demit is not alone in his struggles. Many others commented with their own Starbucks milk horror stories and supportive messages to the worthy cause of "Justice for Demit."

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

I will also now only use the term booty hole because it is iconic. 

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Photo courtesy of Facebook.

This ass is on fire (Alicia Keys' voice).

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Still waiting for a confirmation of cow's milk. 

Wait, This Is Actually Concerning...

Even though mistakes totally happen and his reaction was a total lol, it's also somewhat terrifying that a small mixup could cause someone this much pain. Milk sensitivities are real, and what happened to Demit, though gross, could've been a lot worse. 

I'm giving you permission to investigate your milk order at Starbucks: Know your options, tell the barista why you need it (i.e. if you have an allergy), and be sure to confirm the order when you pick up your drink. Stay transparent about your milk preferences, or else you may end up on the can.